Where do I put cookie patches?

Where do I put cookie patches?

General Guidelines

  1. Sashes are worn from the right shoulder to the left hip.
  2. The insignia tab is worn on the left chest, over the heart.
  3. All unofficial awards go on the back of the uniform, including cookie, camp, and fun patches.

How do you put on Girl Scout Brownie patches?

Place your first Journey awards at the bottom of your vest. As you earn additional Journey awards, work your way up. If your Journey awards and badges don’t fit on the front of your vest or sash, you can wear them on the back.

Which shoulder does Brownie sash go on?

Where do Brownie badges go? Promise badges – These should be worn on the badge sash or worn on the left-hand side of their uniform, closest to their heart.

Where do I put the World Thinking Day badge?

The World Thinking Day Award is an official award and therefore it may be worn on the front of the official uniform sash or vest and placed where other earned badges are worn.

Are Girl Scout patches worth anything?

The Scouts have awarded millions of merit badges and medals — even a merit badge for “personal management” that teaches about saving, investing and credit cards. Those who’ve held onto their patches and medallions have found those items can become very valuable. Large collections are worth the most.

Can you use fabric glue instead of iron-on patches?

Instead of sewing or ironing patches onto sashes or vests, glue them on! You can get fabric glue at any craft or fabric store. Just spread the glue on the patch, press the patch onto the vest, let it dry, and voila! So easy, and they stay on so much better than when you iron them on.

How do you put Girl Scout badges on a sash?

Emblems go at the top of the sash and in order of importance: American flag, Council patch, troop crest, troop numbers, membership stars, Bridge award, Junior Aide award, Brownie wings.

How do you wear a Rainbow sash?

Where to put Rainbow badges. Promise badges – Rainbows should always wear their Promise badge on the left-hand side, so it sits close to their heart. Interest badges, skills builders and awards – as girls earn these badges they should be sewn on to any item of uniform.