Where did Felipe study Aura?

Where did Felipe study Aura?

Felipe is a 27-year-old man who teaches part time at a high school to make ends meet. He is a historian by education and studied at the prestigious Sorbonne University in Paris.

What is the book Aura by Carlos Fuentes about?

Felipe Montero is employed in the house of an aged widow to edit her deceased husband’s memoirs. There Felipe meets her beautiful green-eyed niece, Aura. His passion for Aura and his gradual discovery of the true relationship between the young woman and her aunt propel the story to its extraordinary conclusion.

Who is Aura in Aura Carlos Fuentes?

The aging photographs of Consuelo and her husband make the dualities unmistakable, as Felipe identifies the youthful Consuelo as Aura and has only to cover the general’s beard and imagine black hair to see himself. One photograph of Consuelo/Aura suggests the nymph.

Are Aura and Consuelo the same person?

Consuelo and Llorante reproduce themselves through Aura and Felipe. Aura and Consuelo are one person. A foreshadowing of this concept would be the description of the old Counselo at the beginning of the story. Her face is so old “it’s almost childlike” (523).

What job does Señora Consuelo hire Felipe for?

Protagonist Felipe Montero is a young impoverished historian who is hired by Consuelo Llorente, an old, infirm widow, to edit and publish the memoirs, written in French, of her late husband, one of Maximilian I’s Mexican generals.

What object does Felipe give to Aura after their first dinner together?

He remembers that he will need his documents from the place where he was staying, but Aura convinces him that the servant can fetch them — Felipe gives her the key, touching her hand sensually.

What is the point of view mode of narrative address used in aura?

the story is written in second person perspective (Felipe Montero’s). Because Felipe’s fate is predestined and he has no choice in the matter, and for the audience to understand that this story is like a dream.