Where can I donate my blood in Delhi?

Where can I donate my blood in Delhi?

Blood Donation Centres Delhi

  • Pitampura Blood (Nabh Accredited Blood Bank) 4.4. 463 Ratings.
  • Indian Red Cross Society. 4.3. 2565 Ratings.
  • Bharat Sewa Charitable Blood Centre. 4.9. 1000 Ratings.
  • White Cross Blood Bank. 4.2. 323 Ratings.
  • Blood Bank Org. 4.3. 321 Ratings.
  • Cpc Blood Banks. 4.2.
  • Lions Blood Bank. 4.4.
  • Blood Bank Apollo. 4.2.

What is the cost of 1 liter blood?

At the moment, a unit of blood costs anything between Rs 250 and Rs 1,900. Most banks attached to government hospitals charge Rs 250 from their own patients. For an outsider the charge goes up to Rs 500. In private blood banks, the rates are known to go up every few months.

What are the 3 types of blood donation?

Types of Blood Donations

  • Whole Blood Donation. Whole blood is the most flexible type of donation.
  • Power Red Donation. During a Power Red donation, you give a concentrated dose of red cells, the part of your blood used every day for those needing transfusions as part of their care.
  • Platelet Donation.
  • Plasma Donation.

Do you get money for donating blood in India?

A person who gives blood, plasma or cellular components of his or her own free will and receives no payment, either in the form of cash or in kind which is considered a substitute for money. This would include time off work other than that reasonably needed for donation and travel.

Can a person donate 2 units of blood?

Red blood cells are the most frequently used blood component and are needed by almost every type of patient requiring transfusion. If you meet certain criteria, Power Red allows you to safely donate two units of red cells during one appointment as an automated donation process. It is as safe as whole blood donation.

What is the best blood to donate?

Whole Blood Types O-negative (O-) and O-positive (O+) are best suited to donate red blood cells. O-negative is the universal blood type, meaning that anyone can receive your blood. And O- and O+ blood are both extra special when it comes to traumas where there is no time for blood typing.

Where can I donate blood in Delhi-NCR?

A blood donation camp was conducted under the leadership of IRCS (NHQ), Blood Centre and supported by different Govt. hospitals of Delhi including AIIMS, AIIMS (CNC), Safdarjung hospital, DDU hospital, RML hospital, SSK hospital, Ambedkar hospital, Kasturba hospital, Sushrut Trauma Centre etc.

Where is the 160th blood donation centre in India?

His 160th blood donation was at Indian Red Cross Society, NHQ, Delhi on July 01, 2019 The Society is fully equipped to collect blood within the premises of the Blood Centre and also has mobile teams which go out regularly to hold Blood Donation Camps.

What is the Blood Centre in Delhi?

The Blood Centre provides 90% of total collection of blood free of service charges to the patients admitted in the General Ward of Govt. Hospitals in Delhi as well as to 975 Thalassaemic patients registered with it (which is about 50% of all the Thalassaemics in Delhi).

Why donate BloodConnect?

Donate for a cause. BloodConnect is India’s largest youth run initiative in the field of blood donation. We target to make India blood sufficient in the coming 10 years. There is a requirement of 15 million units of blood annually. However, we are only able to collect 13 million units.