Where can I buy winterspring Frostsaber?

Where can I buy winterspring Frostsaber?

In order to actually get the mount, you must get to exalted with “Wintersaber Trainers” and then you can buy it from him. It’s not free, sorry. Rivern Frostwind is the only person in this faction, and the only way to get rep with him is by doing his quests.

How do you get the striped Frostsaber?

This item can be purchased in Darnassus (2) and Stormwind City .

Is winterspring Frostsaber alliance only?

Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber summons a unique frostsaber mount that is not wearing any armor. It is the only (Alliance) epic mount that can be used with the novice riding skill; however, players must still be level 40 to use the mount.

How do you get winterspring Frostsaber TBC?

How do I buy a Wintersaber Frostsaber mount from him? A #2. You MUST grind 42,000 reputation points with the Wintersaber Trainers riding back and forth across Winterspring at 75 rep per quest (82 rep if playing as a human) turn in and reach exalted by doing 3 quests he gives you. This is the ONLY way to get the mount.

How long does it take to get Winterspring Frostsaber TBC?

All three quests give the same amount of reputation and the second one is by far the fastest, so you can decide which one to repeat. Assuming the quest takes you about 15 minutes to complete (including going back and forth to drop it off), it would take you a total of 210 real hours to do the quest 840 times.

How do you get a Zulian Tiger?

Swift Zulian Tiger mount boost is the only possible way to get this unobtainable mount into your collection without spending millions of gold and months of waiting. It was removed permanently from the game since Cataclysm and is only available on the BMAH.

How long does it take to get winterspring Frostsaber TBC?

Where can I buy a Night Elf flying mount?

These mounts are purchasable from Lelanai in Darnassus. The regular mounts come in three forms.

Can you still get Winterspring Frostsaber in TBC?

Any Alliance can get this mount, simply by getting enough PvP tokens. {Reins of the Winterspring Frostsaber} lvl 75 Riding skill. Only WINTERSABER TRAINER rep required . Any race can get this mount so long as you get exaulted with the Wintersaber Trainer.

Where is Winterspring Classic?

northeastern Kalimdor
Winterspring is a valley located in northeastern Kalimdor, east of Felwood and north of Azshara. It is a cold land perpetually covered in snow, and holds the goblin city of Everlook, old night elf holdings, and the traditional homeland of the blue dragonflight.

Can you still get winterspring Frostsaber in TBC?

Can you buy a mount in darnassus?

How do I get to Winterspring from moonglade?

Now you can traverse the tunnel that leads to both Moonglade and Winterspring. Remember, the North tunnel leads to Moonglade and the East Southeast tunnel leads to Winterspring. If you are a high level Rogue, or Mage, you can also simply sneak your way through Timbermaw Hold and trick your way past its guards.

What level should I go to Winterspring?

Contested zone levels

Zone Level range
Burning Steppes 50-58
Western Plaguelands 51-58
Eastern Plaguelands 53-60
Winterspring 53-60

What level is Felwood?

Felwood is intended for level 47-54 players.