Where can I buy a E-ZPass in CT?

Where can I buy a E-ZPass in CT?

AAA Locations in New York and Connecticut now offer E-ZPass transponder. No appointment is needed for E-ZPass to go….E-ZPass On-the-Go (MTA Transponders) can be purchased in the following AAA Northeast, CT branches ONLY:

  • Hamden.
  • Branford.
  • Milford.
  • Waterbury.
  • Danbury.
  • Stamford.
  • Fairfield.
  • Norwalk.

How do I get an E-ZPass if I live in CT?

Refer to this step by step process to sign up for an E-ZPass:

  1. Go to the E-ZPass website.
  2. Select “Sign Up Now”
  3. Choose which state you live in.
  4. Choose, “Click here to enroll online”
  5. Fill out the form and apply.
  6. You will receive your tags and account profile in 5-7 days.

Can I buy an E-ZPass at Walmart in CT?

The state is making E-ZPass easier to sign on to by partnering with a major retailer. Drivers interested in buying the transponders for use on toll roads can now pick one up at Walmart. Sixty-three Walmarts in the state will now offer E-ZPass GoPaks at their customer service counters for $41.

Does E-ZPass work in Vermont?

Is E-ZPass accepted in Vermont? There is no electronic toll payment in Vermont. You must pay tolls with cash.

Are there tolls in CT?

Currently, there are no toll roads in Connecticut. You need not pay any tolls to use any of the roads or bridges within Connecticut but depending on your route, you might have to pay toll while travelling to other states.

How do I pay tolls in CT?

Cash, Credit and Debit

  1. Cash or Coin. Cash payments speak for themselves.
  2. Credit Card or Debit Card. Credit card payments or debit card payments may be used on some roadways; however, this option is not offered universally.
  3. Mobile Apps.

Is SunPass and E-ZPass the same?

SunPass unveiled the Sunpass Pro in 2021, which is compatible with all E-ZPass roads. E-ZPass transponders and stickers are now compatible on Florida toll roads.

Can NY E-ZPass be used in other states?

E-ZPass (or widely termed as ez pass) has a wide acceptance across 17 states in the United States. If you already have an E-ZPass from any of these states, you are good to go.

How do I pay CT tolls?

How much are Connecticut tolls?

The base fares for the tolls would range from 50 cents to $1 for cars; $1.25 to $2.50 for medium-size trucks; and $3.50 to $7 for heavy trucks. Connecticut residents would get a 20% discount if they have a transponder, or electronic device affixed to a vehicle that automatically collects the toll fees.

Does SunPass work in Connecticut?

The new SunPass Pro is accepted in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Maryland, Rhode Island, Indiana, Delaware, Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Kentucky, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maine, West Virginia, New York, and Ohio. It costs $14.95.

Are there tolls in Connecticut?