Where are the Connells from?

Where are the Connells from?

Raleigh, NCThe Connells / Origin

Do the Connells still tour?

A few years too early for the 1990s explosion of alternative rock, a little too late to take advantage of perhaps riding REM’s like-minded coattails out of the south. Even so, after decades of being dormant, the band is playing live shows again, and in concert they’re as strong as ever.

When did the Connells start?

1984The Connells / Active from

Who is the lead singer of The Connells?

Doug MacMillan
Guitarist Mike Connell formed the band in 1984 along with his brother David Connell on bass, Doug MacMillan on lead vocals, and future filmmaker John Schultz on drums.

Who are The Connells?

The Connells began to come together as a group in the Spring of 1984. Mike Connell was in his second year of law school and his brother David in his last semester of college, both at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

What kind of Music do The Connells play?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The Connells are an American musical group from Raleigh, North Carolina. They play a guitar-oriented, melodic, jangle-pop style of rock music with introspective lyrics that often reflect the history or culture of the American South .

What is the difference between REM and The Connells?

Although the Connells were frequently dismissed as R.E.M. imitators due to the Athens, Georgia band’s overwhelming popularity relative to that of its contemporaries, there were significant differences between the two bands. First of all, the Connells’ influences occurred at the same time that R.E.M.’s influences occurred.

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