Where are Rangers shares listed?

Where are Rangers shares listed?

The Company’s ordinary shares of 1 pence each are admitted to trading on JP Jenkins’ matched bargain platform. JP Jenkins is the largest European platform exchange for unlisted securities and traces its roots back to the USM segment of the London Stock Exchange.

Is Rangers on the stock market?

Rangers is not listed on a main stock exchange. Instead JP Jenkins, Europe’s largest platform exchange for unlisted securities, offers a matched bargain platform. In other words it matches individual sellers with individual buyers of Rangers shares.

Who is sevco?

The Rangers Football Club Ltd, previously named Sevco Scotland Ltd, is a limited company based in Glasgow.

Who is Julian Wolhardt?

Julian Juul Wolhardt. Chief Executive Officer, DCP Capital Partners.

Are Rangers in financial trouble again 2021?

Rangers have posted a loss of over £24 million in their latest annual accounts, with their revenue slumping by 19 per cent amid the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Scottish champions were sustained by £21 million of loans from shareholders and investors through the period to June 30, 2021.

Can I sell my Rangers shares?

The Shares are transferable, but they will not be listed on a premium stock market. Through the Tifosy Exchange, a peer-to-peer secondary market, you will have the opportunity to express an interest to buy and sell the Shares during specified trading cycles.

Are Rangers in debt?

According to liquidators BDO, the debts claimed for when Rangers became insolvent ten years today amounted to £168.8m. But now a court fight is on the cards over the extent of the debt that the club actually owed with a final figure expected to go to just under £100m.

Who is Stuart Gibson?

Stuart Gibson is a co-founder of ESR and has been the co-CEO of the Group since January 2016. He was also the co-founder and CEO of the Redwood group from July 2006 until the 2016 merger.

Is Glasgow Rangers in debt?

How much are my Rangers shares worth?

Current Price

0.00 0.0%

Are Rangers in financial trouble 2021?

Rangers have reported a £23.5m operating loss for last season in their annual accounts. The deficit for the year to June 30, 2021 was more than £7.5m bigger than the 2019/20 campaign. The “total comprehensive” loss after tax, player sales and finance costs were taken into account was £26m.

Can I buy shares in Rangers FC?

How many Rangers FC Shares can I apply for? The minimum amount of Shares for which you can apply is 2,000 Shares, for an investment of £500. You can apply for as many Shares as you wish, in increments of £100, up to a maximum investment of £100,000 for of 400,000 shares.

How much would it cost to buy Glasgow Rangers?

RANGERS – £31.5 million Although not in the Premiership the Gers are now under new ownership and look favourites to win the Championship this season and reclaim their place in the top flight.