When was Red Wing pottery made?

When was Red Wing pottery made?

Red Wing pottery refers to American stoneware, pottery, or dinnerware items made by a company initially set up in Red Wing, Minnesota, in 1861 by German immigrant John Paul, which changed its names several times until finally settling on Red Wing Potteries, Inc. in 1936.

Who owned Red Wing pottery?

Bruce and Irene Johnson
Owners Bruce and Irene Johnson and a team of talented employees are excited to bring Red Wing Stoneware and Pottery into the 21st century.

Do they still make Red Wing pottery?

The iconic Red Wing Stoneware pottery company will close its doors in September, the company’s owners announced on Facebook Monday. The company cited low-cost competitors as a reason for ceasing manufacturing and sales.

How can you tell the age of a Red Wing crock?

Try to identify the age – There are certain marks that can tip you off to your crock’s age. If the crock has a pattern, and the name of the pattern is on the bottom, that means it was made after 1810. If the mark includes the word “limited” (or “Ltd”), then it was mad after 1861.

Where can I sell Red Wing pottery?

How can I sell my Red Wing Pottery pieces?

  • 1) Speed of sale. 2) Time and effort on your part.
  • a) Online RWCS Website Classified.
  • b) RWCS Newsletter:
  • c)On line auction (eBay):
  • d) On line auction using a trading partner:
  • e) Sell to a local antique dealer:
  • f) Consignment shop:
  • g) Local Auction:

How much is a 30 gallon Red Wing crock worth?

Many years, and many miles lead to this impressive Red Wing collection. We are very thankful to Julie Green for trusting us to sell her complete set of Red Wings at the Large Antique & Gun Auction on February 28, 2020. The star of the lineup was the 30 Gallon Red Wing, with a price realized of $900.

How much is a 30 gallon Redwing crock worth?

How do you tell the age of a Red Wing crock?

What happened to Red Wing Pottery?

Red Wing Pottery was formed in 1967, when R.A. Gillmer (the last President of Red Wing Potteries) purchased the company from the other shareholders during liquidation. The company operated primarily as a retail business until 1996 when the third generation of the Gillmer family began production again with a smaller output than its early boom years.

Is Red Wing Pottery the same as Union Stoneware?

Red Wing Potteries, Inc. is the same company as Red Wing Union Stoneware Company. The name changed in 1936 and was retained until the pottery closed in 1967.

What is the history of pottery?

Pottery was and is produced in Red Wing, MN by under various names from 1861 to the present. Many different ink stamped, impressed, and hand painted marks were used. Pottery produced by John Paul, a German immigrant potter, in a farm near Red Bull, over the years 1861 through to 1863, using the techniques he had previously learned.

What is Red Wing terra cotta works?

The pottery production was continued by William M. Philleo under the name of Red Wing Terra Cotta Works, altering John Paul recipe by adding silica to the natural red clay. The former Minnesota Stoneware Company building in Red Wing.