When Mekhela Chador worn?

When Mekhela Chador worn?

Mekhela Sador (Assamese: মেখেলা চাদৰ, romanized: Mekhela Sadowr) is an indigenous traditional Assamese dress traditionally worn by Assamese women.

How many types of Mekhela Sador are there?

three varieties
The Various Types of Mekhela Chador The Mekhela Chadors are usually found in three varieties and are differentiated on the basis of the silk being used in its manufacturing.

How do you style Mekhela Chador?

Wear a Mekhela Chadar for Durga Puja this year. * Hold the Chadar in front of the Mekhela. Measure around 20-25 cms from the end of the Chadar to tuck that portion over the Mekhela later. * Fold the loose end twice and secure it with a pin.

What is Riha in mekhela sador?

Riha is part of a three piece Assamese traditional garment worn with the Mekhela chador. It forms a part of the bridal trousseau for most Assamese brides these days. Riha, mekhela sador and traditional silk wearing are of Boro origin.

What is nooni Paat?

Paat silk is a variety of domestic mulberry silk produced in Assam. The larvae feeds on white mulberry plant leaves, locally called Nuni, hence it is also referred to as Nuni Paat. The silk has a natural white/off-white shade and is known for its softness, durability and glossy texture.

What is Assamese dress?

The Mekhela Chador is the primary traditional attire of Assam for women. This is a two-piece cloth similarly worn as a saree. The upper piece is called Chador and the lower piece is the Mekhela. It is integrally adorned by the beautiful ladies of the state and looks elegantly fantastic with it.

What is Muga dress?

Muga silk is a variety of wild silk geographically tagged to the state of Assam in India. The silk is known for its extreme durability and has a natural yellowish-golden tint with a shimmering, glossy texture. It was previously reserved for the use of royalty.

What is toss Muga?

Toss muga is a traditional assamese dress worn by women of Assam.

What is Kesa Paat saree?

Saree. Raw mulberry silk or Kesa Paat, as it is colloquially called, is just pure silk fibers without any chemicals or treatments added. The mulberry silk yarn used to weave Kesa Paat fabric doesn’t go through the degumming process to prevent breakage during weaving, giving the fabric its unique look and feel.

What is Eri silk saree?

Saree. Tussar Silk. Add an elegant note to your wardrobe with buttery soft Eri silk sarees that drapes like a dream. The word Eri is derived from Era, the Assamese word for castor and is made from worms that feed on the leaves of the castor oil plant.