When last did C Ronaldo scored free-kick?

When last did C Ronaldo scored free-kick?

Cristiano scored his last free-kick goal in the 4-0 win against Bayern Munich in the semi-finals of the Champions League on 29 April 2014.

How many free kicks Ronaldo scored in 2011?

That’s claim is backed up by Messi and Ronaldo stats site, Michelacosta. That’s remarkable considering that, back in 2011, Ronaldo had scored 30 free-kicks and Messi had just four to his name.

How many goals did Ronaldo had in 2012?

63 goals
Ronaldo’s most goals in a year was also in 2012 when he scored 63 goals in 71 matches.

How many free-kicks Ronaldo scored 2008?

Stoke City, November 2008 Ronaldo scored six free-kick goals for United in the 2008-09 season and the first of those came in the third minute of a 5-0 win over Stoke City.

How many free-kicks have Ronaldo score?

Messi & Ronaldo’s freekick record It is interesting that currently both Messi and Ronaldo have scored 58 freekick goals each in their career so far. And both of them have scored two in a single match on three occasions. However, Messi is well ahead in the conversation rate than Ronaldo.

How many free-kicks did Ronaldo score in 2013?

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 21 free kick goals with Real Madrid

Season Match Date
2012/13 Real Madrid 4-3 Real Sociedad 06-01-2013
Athletic 0-3 Real Madrid 14-04-2013
2013/14 Bournemouth 0-6 Real Madrid 21-07-2013

How many free-kicks Messi scored in 2012?

five free-kicks
Messi’s numbers tell a different story, with the Barcelona legend having scored only five free-kicks until March 2012. The 33-year-old, however, stepped up his game to average more than six free-kick goals every year, with the tally rising to 10 in 2018 and another 8 in 2019.

How many Guinness records Ronaldo have?

5 Guinness World Records held by Cristiano Ronaldo – ronaldo.com.

Who has more free-kicks Ronaldo or Messi?

Messi & Ronaldo’s freekick record The Argentine has scored 8.9% of the freekicks that he has taken while Ronaldo has managed 6.2%. Let us take a look at the breakdown of the goals. Messi is still the goat. It is that simple.

How many free-kicks did Ronaldo miss?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s free kick scoring abilities are a “myth” says former England star Ian Wright. Ronaldo missed two free kicks as Portugal crashed out of Euro 2020 at the hands of Belgium Sunday. It means the 36-year-old has now scored one free-kick in 51 attempts at major international tournaments.