When did Victoria Hislop write the return?

When did Victoria Hislop write the return?

The Return (2008) is Victoria Hislop’s second novel.

What order are the Victoria Hislop books?


  • The Island (2005)
  • The Return (2008)
  • The Thread (2011)
  • The Sunrise (2014)
  • Cartes Postales from Greece (2016)
  • Those Who Are Loved (2019)
  • One August Night (2020)
  • Maria’s Island (2021)

Are Ian and Victoria Hislop still married?

Ian is still married to wife Victoria, having been married for more than three decades. The couple met while they both studied at Oxford University.

Is Victoria Hislop writing another book?

Her highly anticipated new novel, entitled ‘One August Night’, is the sequel to ‘The Island’, and is expected to be released in Greece in May 2021.

Is the island a true story?

Victoria Hislop’s book “The Island” is an atmospheric and moving novel based on a true story from Spinalonga.

What genre is Victoria Hislop?

Victoria Hislop is a British International bestselling and #1 Sunday Times bestselling author of literary fiction and historical fiction novels. Born in Bromley, Kent, she studied English at Oxford before going on to work in publishing.

Does anyone live on Spinalonga?

When was Spinalonga abandoned? After many years of research, in 1948 the first drug to treat leprosy was discovered in America. Thus, the patients began to be treated and Spinalonga was gradually emptied of patients until 1957 when the last one left and the leprosarium was permanently closed.

Is there a sequel to the book The Island?

One August Night: Sequel to much-loved classic, The Island (Hardback) In this highly anticipated sequel to her bestselling The Island, Hislop returns to the isle of Spinalonga in a nuanced and absorbing tale of hope and tragedy.

When did the last person leave Spinalonga?

The island was subsequently used as a leper colony from 1903 to 1957. The last inhabitant, a priest, did not leave the island till 1962, in order to maintain the Greek Orthodox tradition of commemorating a buried person 40 days, 6 months, 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years after their death.

Is Rose Island still exist?

Just 55 days after the island’s declaration of independence on 24 June 1968, the Italians sent in military forces to assume control. They destroyed Rose Island on 11 February 1969 using dynamite. Days later, a storm submerged the structure entirely. Today, its remains rest on the seabed of the Adriatic.

Who writes like Victoria Hislop?

Book recommendations if you like Victoria Hislop Semi-autobiographical debut novel by the author and actor Danny Scheinmann. Novelist from Northern Ireland. Novel by Irish author Colm Tóibín. English writer and novelist best known for her award-winning debut…

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Will there be a 4th book in the Me Before You series?

Me Before You Collection 4 Books Set by Jojo Moyes (Me Before You, After You, The One Plus One, The Girl you Left behind) Unknown Binding.

Is Still Me by Jojo Moyes part of a series?

Still Me is the third book in the Me Before You series. Still Me follows the 2012 release of the bestselling Me Before You and the 2015 release of the second book in the series, After You.