When did the slogan Built Ford Tough start?

When did the slogan Built Ford Tough start?

In 1998, Ford Motor Co. spent tens of millions of dollars on a new slogan: “Built to Last” and reserved “Built Ford Tough” for the company’s pick-up trucks. Both slogans are familiar to us, and both succinctly state what Ford vehicles deliver: quality, power and reliability.

What was Ford’s first slogan?

Henry’s early marketing strategies were bold and strident, including a 1905 campaign with the tagline: ‘Don’t Experiment: Just buy A Ford’.

Did Ford change their slogan?

Ford has launched a fresh marketing campaign under the new slogan ‘Built Ford Proud. ‘ Advertisements will attempt to highlight Ford’s plan to replace 75 percent of its US lineup by 2020, including an all-new Ranger, Escape and Explorer next year followed by an all-electric performance SUV.

Why did Ford change its slogan?

Elena Ford, Ford’s global director of marketing and the great-great granddaughter of founder Henry Ford, said the new slogan was essentially a reminder to employees that they had to set the bar higher after recent gains. Her way of describing that could itself be turned into a slogan.

Who came up with Built Ford Tough?

When Ford advertisers came up with the prototype slogan in 1979, “Built Ford Tough,” they had no idea what kind of success it would have. They had no idea that three little words would lead to billions in revenue and would skyrocket the company to previously unknown highs.

What does Ford Tough mean?


What was Ford’s slogan in 1920s?

Advertisement for the 1925 Ford Model T, “Within the Means of Millions” This advertisement, showing factory workers going home from work in their Ford Model T automobiles, illustrates the democratizing effect this low-priced car had on American society.

What is built Ford tough?

Our Truth: Built Ford Tough We accept challenges and overcome them with confidence, courage, and optimism. We put the world on wheels, embracing disruption to evolve. We are resilient and in it for the long haul.

What was Ford’s slogan?

The “Built Ford Tough” slogan has been around since 1979 and it’s held strong ever since. Ford sees no reason to get rid of an advertising gimmick that has helped them sell millions of trucks. And that’s because it really wasn’t an advertising gimmick.

Why did Ford change from tough to proud?

Mike Bernacchi, a University of Detroit Mercy professor who tracks advertising trends, said, “Ford is transitioning to a different branding message. ‘Tough’ is definitive and specific with just a few qualities. ‘Proud’ can be attached to nearly anything. The new brand message is stronger and more extensive.”

Are Ford Built Tough?

Ford models have long been the choice of many customers to conquer a challenge and get the job done right. This achievement resonates in the motto Built Ford Tough® because every model is engineered to handle the most difficult obstacles and jobs with brute strength and modern innovation.

What is Built Ford Tough?

Who has the slogan built to last?

on Friday unveiled advertising under a new company slogan that replaces the tagline it has used for the past 15 years. The “Ford Cars: Built to Last″ theme succeeds “Have you driven a Ford lately?″ to reflect strides the automaker has made since 1983, says Gerry Donnelly, Ford Division’s marketing manager.

What is built Ford proud?

The Built Ford Proud campaign is bringing the swagger back to the Ford Motor Company through a new brand voice. By building on Ford’s 115-year heritage, we drew a clear distinction between a company that invented “how to build” and others who seem to mostly talk.

Who says Built Ford Tough?

Doug Scott
“Built Ford Tough” is a phrase that still rings in the ears of diehard pickup fanciers. “I’m pretty confident it’s the longest running” truck tag line out there, says Doug Scott, Ford’s Truck Group marketing manager. ” ‘Built Ford Tough’ is the essence of what we’re all about.”

Why is Ford named Ford?

Ford was named after the creator of the very first Ford vehicle back in 1908, Henry Ford. He was an engineer who strived for excellence and established Ford Motor Company in 1903. Five years later, he invented the very first successful automobile and named it the Model T.

What is Ford’s brand promise?

Under the new Ford Promise program, customers who lease or purchase a vehicle with Ford Credit financing and then lose their job within a year can return the vehicle.

What does Built Ford Tough mean?

“Built Ford Tough” is much more than a slogan. It’s three simple words that hold so much history and meaning. It represents the decades of hard work, consistent determination to be the best and at the forefront, and ultimately, it represents the American spirit.