When did the i7-2700K come out?

When did the i7-2700K come out?

As for the release date, it looks like the 24th October folks!

What generation is i7 2600K?

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This item Intel Core i7-2600K Quad-Core Processor 3.4 Ghz 8 MB Cache LGA 1155 – BX80623I72600K Intel BX80623I72600 Core i7-2600 Quad-Core Processor 3.4 GHz 8 MB Cache LGA 1155
Item Weight 0.70 lbs 0.85 lbs
Model Year 2013 2011
Processor Count 4 4
Wattage 95 95

Is 10th gen i7 better than 9th gen i7?

There’s a noticeable difference in the thermal design power of each chip, too, as the i7-10700K has a TDP of 125W, compared to the i7-9700K’s 95W. The i7-10700K also includes a 20MB cache instead of 12MB. The Intel Core i7-10700K also has a rated base clock of 3.8GHz compared to 3.6GHz on the Intel Core i7-9700K.

Is i7-2600K still good 2020?

Intel’s 2nd-gen Sandy Bridge Core i7-2600K was recently tested out in a set of modern gaming benchmarks by Russian outlet Gecid.com. The benches confirm that the decade-old chip still performs admirably well in 2021’s most punishing games.

Is the i7 2600 still good 2021?

When was i7 2nd Gen released?

Introduced in 2008, the Core i7 line of microprocessors are intended to be used by high-end users….Desktop processors.

2008 Nehalem microarchitecture (1st generation)
2011 Sandy Bridge microarchitecture (2nd generation)

Is an i7 2nd Gen good?

The 1st gen i7 is going to be comparable to a 2nd gen i5, and the 2nd gen i7 is going to be a pretty good upgrade to both. For gaming I know that the 2nd gen i7 works well from experience. The i5 may bottleneck some games like GTA V or other CPU intensive games.

What is the latest i7 processor?


  • 1.8 Kaby Lake microarchitecture (7th generation)
  • 1.9 Coffee Lake microarchitecture (8th/9th generation)
  • 1.10 Comet Lake microarchitecture (10th generation)
  • 1.11 Cypress Cove microarchitecture (11th generation)
  • 1.12 Golden Cove + Gracemont microarchitecture (12th generation)