When did Sean Wainui play for Taranaki?

When did Sean Wainui play for Taranaki?

In his first year out of school he was a part of Taranaki’s 2014 national provincial championship squad. He was spotted by coach Colin Cooper and had signed with Taranaki at just 18-years-old after an impressive season, not only for his New Plymouth Old Boys club but for the Chiefs development side also.

What tribe is Sean Wainui from?

Wainui, a key member of the Māori All Blacks who wore the number 11 jersey during his career, was killed when his car hit a tree at McLaren Falls Park near Tauranga on 18 October last year.

Is Sean Wainui alive?

October 18, 2021Sean Wainui / Date of death

What school did Sean Wainui attend?

St Peter’s CollegeTakapuna Grammar SchoolMount Albert Grammar School
Sean Wainui/Education

Where did Sean Wainui get buried?

Te Wainui Marae
Wainui was laid to rest at the weekend at Te Wainui Marae in Gisborne. He leaves behind two young children, Kawariki and Arahia. The National Provincial Championship match between Wainui’s Bay of Plenty and Northland in Tauranga on the same day was postponed as a mark of respect.

What really happened to Sean Wainui?

Maori All Black Sean Wainui dies in car crash aged 25 Police said they were notified at 7.50am last Monday that a vehicle had crashed into a tree at McLaren Falls Park near Tauranga on New Zealand’s North Island.

Where was Shaun wainui born?

Omanawa, New ZealandSean Wainui / Place of birth (McLaren Falls)

What’s happened to Sean Wainui?

Chiefs and Māori All Blacks player Sean Wainui has died in a single-vehicle crash at McLaren Falls Park this morning. He is being mourned as a talented player who held immense mana among his teammates and the wider rugby community.

What really happened to Sean wainui?

Where was shaun Wainui born?

Was Sean wainui an All Black?

Wainui, who was a key member of the Māori All Blacks during his career, was remembered ahead of Ireland’s first match of their New Zealand tour.

Was Sean Wainui an All Black?

Who are the parents of Sean wainui?

Surrounded by whānau, Peter Wainui issued a heartfelt statement thanking everyone for their outpouring of love and sharing the rugby star’s memory with the community. The Wainui whānau was struggling, especially with mourning during Covid-19, but he hoped that one day he and his whānau’s hearts will heal.

Which NZ rugby player died recently?

Joeli Vidiri
It is with great sadness that New Zealand Rugby acknowledges the death of former All Black #973 Joeli Vidiri, who passed away yesterday aged 48. NZR Chief Executive Mark Robinson acknowledged the heartache of losing both Vidiri and Va’inga Tuigamala this week.

What rugby player died yesterday?

A rugby club has been left in shock after Samoan back row forward Kelly Meafua died after jumping from a bridge into the river Tarn hours after playing in a French second division match.

Has a rugby player died today?

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The former rugby league player Ricky Bibey has been named by Italian media as the 40-year-old Briton found dead in a Florence hotel on Saturday. The man was found by hotel staff alongside a seriously injured 43-year-old woman, thought to be his partner.