What year was the Bears undefeated?

What year was the Bears undefeated?

As of 2021, it is also their most recent championship. The 1985 Chicago Bears are one of the few teams to consistently challenge the undefeated 1972 Miami Dolphins for the unofficial title of the greatest NFL team of all time….

1985 Chicago Bears season
Head coach Mike Ditka
Home field Soldier Field
Record 15–1

Who did the Bears draft in 2012?

Shea McClellin
Drafted Players

Rnd Player From
1 Shea McClellin 2012
2 Alshon Jeffery 2012
3 Brandon Hardin

When did Bears last win playoff?

The Chicago Bears have taken part in nine playoff games in the 21st century and only three in the last decade. And they haven’t won a postseason matchup since Jan. 16, 2011, a 35-24 victory against the Seattle Seahawks in a divisional-round game at Soldier Field.

Are the 85 Bears the best team ever?

In fact, the 1985 Chicago Bears may still be the most famous team in NFL history and much of their fame comes from the brilliance of their season, the best season by a team in NFL history.

What team beat the 85 Bears?

the Miami Dolphins
This Day in Dolphins History: December 2, 1985 In maybe the most memorable Monday Night Football game in NFL history, the Miami Dolphins beat the then-unbeaten Chicago Bears 38-24 on Monday Night Football. It would be the only loss the Bears had in the 1985 season.

Who did the Bears draft in 2011?

Drafted Players

Rnd Player From
1 Gabe Carimi 2011
2 Stephen Paea 2011
3 Chris Conte 2011

Who were Dan Marino’s wide receivers?

Avg Friend Score

TD(s) Receiver % Correct
79 Mark Clayton 96.7%
55 Mark Duper 95.6%
15 Keith Jackson 84.7%
1 Sammie Smith 81.9%