What were Allen Iverson shoes called?

What were Allen Iverson shoes called?

The Reebok Question
The Reebok Question was Allen Iverson’s first signature sneaker and the shoes were on his feet in many of his early iconic NBA moments.

What year did iversons come out?

Following two successful years at Georgetown University, Iverson declared eligibility for the 1996 NBA draft, and was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers with the first overall pick. He was named the NBA Rookie of the Year in the 1996–97 season….Allen Iverson.

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Does Allen Iverson have his own shoes?

The rest is history. The Philadelphia 76ers selected Iverson first overall in the 1996 NBA Draft, and he signed a shoe deal with Reebok. “That was always a dream of mine, having my own sneaker,” Iverson told GQ. “It didn’t matter what it looked like; that sneaker was going to look good to me.

What basketball shoes did Allen Iverson wear?

Iverson’s first signature shoe, the Reebok Question, might be the most beloved of his signature line. But it was the Answer IV that he wore throughout his 2000-01 season, a career year that culminated in a trip to the Finals and the Step Over.

How much does Allen Iverson make a year from Reebok?

$800,000 a year
Iverson made a decision in 2001 that would inevitably save him from his future self. He signed a unique endorsement deal with Reebok. In addition to paying $800,000 a year for life, Reebok set aside $32 million in a trust fund that Allen will not be able to access until he turns 55 in the year 2030.

Does Iverson still have money?

Though Long Believed To Be Broke, Allen Iverson Still Makes Great Money — Even After He Blew Through $200M. There’s no question that Allen Iverson is a basketball legend. Over the course of his career, he earned the title of one of the greatest of all time, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

How did Allen Iverson became famous?

Allen Iverson, in full Allen Ezail Iverson, byname the Answer, (born June 7, 1975, Hampton, Virginia, U.S.), American basketball player known for both explosive play on the court and controversy away from the game. He became the first great athlete to be strongly identified with the hip-hop movement.

Is Allen Iverson actually broke?