What was Tommy James and the Shondells biggest hit?

What was Tommy James and the Shondells biggest hit?

# 1 – Mony Mony It’s as classic as “Shout,” or “Louie Louie.” It may not have been Tommy James And The Shondells biggest hit, but it easily has become the most popular song they ever released.

What hits did Tommy James and the Shondells have?

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “Ball of Fire” 2:53
2. “Crystal Blue Persuasion” 4:01
3. “Mony, Mony” 2:52
4. “(Baby, Baby) I Can’t Take It No More” 2:17

What were the hits by Tommy James and the Shondells?

Crimson & CloverHanky PankySweet Cherry WineMony, MonyI Think We’re Alone NowMirage
Tommy James & the Shondells/Songs

Are The Shondells still alive?

In October 2008 James and the three surviving members of the original Shondells (Pete Lucia died in 1987) reunited in a New Jersey studio to record again after 37 years. The group recorded an album, I Love Christmas.

What songs did Tommy James sing?

Crimson & CloverCrystal Blue PersuasionDraggin’ The LineHanky PankySweet Cherry WineMony, Mony
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What songs does Tommy James and the Shondells song?

What is the song Crystal Blue Persuasion talking about?

Crystal Blue Persuasion is clearly about methamphetamine. Remember, just because meth labs are springing up all over the country, that doesn’t mean that crank is anything new. It’s been around a LONG time.

Where is Tommy James and the Shondells today?

Tommy currently resides in Monroe, Wisconsin. In 1958, when Tommy was eleven, his family moved to Niles, Michigan. In 1959, when he was twelve, James formed his first band called Tom and the Tornadoes. In 1963, the band changed their name to The Shondells.

Which song by Tommy James and the Shondells was a 1969 Billboard hit?


Year Single Chart
1969 “Ball of Fire” Billboard Hot 100

Is the song Crystal Blue Persuasion about drugs?

James said the song was never meant to be about drugs, though. “Back then (in the ’60s),” he said, “whenever they didn’t quite understand what you were talking about, (they thought) it must be drugs.” James continues to perform “Crystal Blue Persuasion” regularly at his shows, of course.

Did Tommy James live in Niles Michigan?

Early life and career. Born in Dayton, Ohio, James and his family later moved to Niles, Michigan. He was a child model at the age of four.

Who did the original version of Crimson and Clover?

Tommy James and the Shondells
“Crimson and Clover” is a 1968 song by American rock band Tommy James and the Shondells. Written by the duo of Tommy James and drummer Peter Lucia Jr., it was intended as a change in direction of the group’s sound and composition.

Is Crystal Blue Persuasion in breaking bad?

In 2012, “Crystal Blue Persuasion” was used in the eighth episode of the fifth season of Breaking Bad, “Gliding Over All”, during a montage depicting the process involved to bring main character Walter White’s methamphetamine operation and its signature blue crystal meth to an international level.

Is Crystal Blue Persuasion in the Bible?

It’s out of the Bible. The imagery was right out of Chapter 19 of the Book of Revelation, about the lake of crystal, and just what John sees. The imagery was just right there. ‘Crystal blue persuasion,’ although those words aren’t used together, it was what the image meant to me.”