What was the name of the storm in 2013?

What was the name of the storm in 2013?

The 2013 Atlantic hurricane season was a well below average Atlantic hurricane season and the first since 1994 with no major hurricanes….

2013 Atlantic hurricane season
Last system dissipated December 7, 2013
Strongest storm
Name Humberto
• Maximum winds 90 mph (150 km/h) (1-minute sustained)

How many named storms were there in 2013?

13 named storms
The 2013 North Atlantic hurricane season had 13 named storms, two hurricanes, and no major hurricanes. The number of tropical storms was slightly above the 1981-2010 average of 12.1, the number of hurricanes was below the average of 6.4, and the lack of major hurricanes was also below the average of 2.7.

What was the worst storm in 2013?

Typhoon Haiyan
Typhoon Haiyan, known in the Philippines as Super Typhoon Yolanda, was one of the most powerful tropical cyclones ever recorded….Typhoon Haiyan.

Violent typhoon (JMA scale)
Areas affected Micronesia, Philippines, South China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Palau
Part of the 2013 Pacific typhoon season

What was the name of the storm in 2014?

Cyclone Tini (also referred to as Storm Darwin in Ireland) a European windstorm that Western Europe, particularly Ireland and the United Kingdom on 12 February 2014….Cyclone Tini.

Formed 10 February 2014
Dissipated 17 February 2019
Lowest pressure 952 hPa (28.1 inHg)
Fatalities 1
Damage €286 million

What are the names of the storms this year?

What are the storm names this year?

  • Arwen.
  • Barra.
  • Corrie.
  • Dudley.
  • Eunice.
  • Franklin.
  • Gladys.
  • Herman.

What was the name of the storm that formed in 2013?

This was the first post-season subtropical or tropical storm since Tropical Storm Olga in 2007. Had the storm been named operationally, it would have received the name Nestor. The following list of names was used for named storms that formed in the North Atlantic in 2013. The names not retired from this list were used again in the 2019 season.

Where can I find a list of tropical storm names?

Tropical storms in other basins such as the eastern and western Pacific Ocean are also given names. Name lists for these tropical storms have been compiled by the National Hurricane Center and can be viewed on their website. Rocks: Galleries of igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic rock photos with descriptions.

What are the different types of tropical cyclones?

Tropical cyclones include depressions, storms and hurricanes. Tropical depressions listed below are those that did not reach tropical storm strength. A brief overview of the hurricane season is available in the 2013 Atlantic Annual Summary (PDF). If you have trouble viewing linked files, obtain a free viewer for the file format:

How many people died in Hurricane Ingrid 2013?

Mexico, where Hurricane Ingrid, Tropical Depression Eight, and tropical storms Barry and Fernand all made landfall, was the hardest hit; Ingrid alone caused at least 32 deaths and $1.5 billion (2013 USD) in damage. In early October, Karen brought showers and gusty winds to the central Gulf Coast of the United States.