What was on the disc Walt gave Hank?

What was on the disc Walt gave Hank?

As the Whites leave, Walt gives his in-laws a DVD of his “confession.” Playing it at home, Hank and Marie discover they are being blackmailed. Walt’s “confession” states that Hank masterminded the Heisenberg empire and forced Walt to cook meth for him.

Where was the money buried in Breaking Bad?

the Tohajiilee reservation
Walt gives them a duffel bag of cash in return for their services then drives the van out to the Tohajiilee reservation, where he spends the rest of the night, alone, burying the cash at the GPS coordinates +34° 59′ 20.00″, -106° 36′ 52.00″ – which he then sets to memory. Walter buries the money.

Did they ever find Walt’s money?

The money will never be found and it may eventually become part of Albuquerque are lore as a “buried treasure.” The neo-Nazis would have dry foolish to have buried the money at the same site where they were also still cooking meth.

Are the coordinates in Breaking Bad real?

It turns out those coordinates actually point somewhere in the real world. Unfortunately, it’s not a huge pile of drug money (or regular money, even), but a lot in ABQ Studios in Albuquerque where much of Breaking Bad was filmed. That’s a pretty cool little fourth wall break for die hard fans to unravel.

Why did Jesse call Walt?

Jesse is approaching Walt from behind when he sees a hulking man staring at him, scared of this being part of Walt’s plan to kill him, Jesse changes his course for a pay phone. He calls Walt and tells him the meet is off because he saw what he was walking into, and now he is going to get Walt back.

What happens to Skyler after Walt dies?

It is revealed that Skyler is eventually forced to move into an apartment and takes a job as a taxi dispatcher, having all their assets seized. She still maintains custody of the children, however (“Granite State”).

How did Hank find Walts money?

Hank asks about the money, Huell reveals that he and Kuby did collect the money for Walt, they put it inside seven barrels and took them inside a van to Walt.