What was James Stewarts real name?

What was James Stewarts real name?

James Maitland StewartJames Stewart / Full name

What aircraft did James Stewart fly?

B-52H Stratofortress 2nd BW, 20th BS, LA/60-0008 “Lucky Lady IV”. Assigned to the 445th BG as operations officer, Capt Stewart flew B-24s from Tibenham, in Norfolk, leading the group during a 1000-bomber raid against Berlin on Mar. 22, 1944 and rising to command the 703rd BS.

When did James Stewart pass away?

July 2, 1997James Stewart / Date of death

James Stewart, in full James Maitland Stewart, byname Jimmy Stewart, (born May 20, 1908, Indiana, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died July 2, 1997, Beverly Hills, California), major American motion-picture star who was known for his portrayals of diffident but morally resolute characters.

What was Jimmy Stewart’s rank in the Air Force?

Stewart entered the Air Force Reserve and retired after 27 years of service with the rank of major general, the highest-ranking Hollywood actor to serve in uniform. The on-screen honest, straightforward and humble “everyman” persona audiences loved was the same off-screen.

Did Jimmy Stewart own a p51 Mustang?

In 1999, Warren purchased what he believed to be a damaged P-51A in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. It was only later that he discovered that what he’d actually acquired were the mortal remains of Thunderbird, the iconic blue P-51C which Jimmy Stewart once flew in the Bendix Air Races just after WWII.

Did Jimmy Stewart fly the B-36?

The B-36 never saw combat action and never dropped a bomb on an enemy target, but did obtain a measure of fame when flown by Jimmy Stewart—a real-life Air Force Reserve brigadier general—flew it in the movie “Strategic Air Command. ” More importantly, the mammoth aircraft remained a potent deterrent throughout its …

Did James Stewart serve in ww2?

Jimmy Stewart entered the Army as a private and at the end of WWII was a colonel in the Army Air Corps, fully decorated as the result of the 20 combat missions he flew over Germany as leader of a squadron of B-24’s. Among the medals, he was awarded were two Distinguished Flying Crosses and the Croix de Guerre.

Did Jimmy Stewart ever fly a B-47?

James Stewart joined the Army Air Corps during World War II, and flew combat missions in Europe. At war’s end, he transferred to the Reserve as a colonel. He remained an active pilot in the Air Force Reserve, and was trained on the B-36 and B-47 bombers which he flew in this film.

What movie did Jimmy Stewart win an Oscar for?

Academy Award for Best Actor…Academy Honorary AwardPresidential Medal of FreedomKennedy Center HonorsAFI Life Achievem… AwardGolden Globe Award for…
James Stewart/Awards
Film industry awards and honors Stewart was honored with many awards and nominations for acting during his career in motion pictures, television, and on stage, spanning over 60 years. These include an Academy Award for Best Actor for The Philadelphia Story in 1941.