What was Ja Rule first song?

What was Ja Rule first song?

Holla Holla
Returning to the Ja Rule name, his debut single Holla Holla was released in March 1999 and became a hit, peaking at #35 on the Billboard Hot 100.

How many hits Ja Rule have?

twenty singles
The discography of Ja Rule, an American rapper. He has released seven studio albums and twenty singles….

Ja Rule discography
Singles 20
Mixtapes 1

How many #1 hits Does Ja Rule have?

Ja Rule is a wash before it begins statistically Hot 100 Entries & Weeks (Lead+Guest) 50 Cent: 40 tracks & 528 Weeks Ja Rule: 17 tracks & 361 Weeks Top 10s 50 Cent: 13 Ja Rule: 8 No. 1s: 50 Cent: 4 Ja Rule: 3 I love Ja… but Fif got that.

What is Ja Rule’s most popular song?

Put It on MeAlways On TimeMesmerizeDown Ass BitchLivin’ It UpClap Back
Ja Rule/Songs

Who ordered the hit on 50?

NEW YORK — The conviction of a former hip-hop and rap promoter who ordered the killing of a friend of 50 Cent was upheld Friday. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals agreed that James Rosemond was properly convicted of murder-for-hire charges.

Who was the best rapper in the 90’s?

With that in mind, we took a look back at the best rappers of the ’90s.

  • Nas.
  • Scarface.
  • Jay-Z. Image via Complex Original.
  • Andre 3000. Image via Complex Original.
  • Ice Cube. Image via Complex Original.
  • Snoop Dogg. Image via Complex Original.
  • Lauryn Hill. Image via Complex Original.
  • Redman. Image via Complex Original.

How many #1 hits did Ja Rule have?

Why did Ja Rule quit rapping?

His Career Went Downhill After His Label’s Legal Troubles And A Rap Beef. When Murder Inc. Records, the record label Ja Rule signed with in 1999, became the focus of a federal investigation in the early 2000s, all of its music ventures were shelved.

Who shot the real 50 Cent?

Kelvin Darnell Martin (July 24, 1964 – October 24, 1987), also known as 50 Cent, was an American criminal based in Brooklyn, New York….

Kelvin Martin
Known for Inspiration for the name of 50 Cent
Criminal status Deceased