What was Burton Cummings most popular song?

What was Burton Cummings most popular song?

These EyesNo Sugar Tonight / New Moth…American WomanNo TimeClap For The WolfmanUndun
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How good of a singer was Burton Cummings?

Fantastic voice I’ve always liked Burton Cummings’ vocals. He knows how to use dynamics and has a good range. Burton Cummings was (and still is) one of the greatest voices in rock.

What band did Burton Cummings play in?

The Guess WhoRingo Starr & His All‑Starr B…1992 – 1992
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Burton Cummings, in full Burton Lorne Cummings, (born December 31, 1947, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada), Canadian singer-songwriter who was the keyboardist and lead singer of Canada’s first rock superstars, the Guess Who.

Why did the Guess Who Break Up?

The lineup of Cummings, Troiano, Wallace, and Peterson released the albums Flavours in late 1974 and Power in the Music in mid-1975. Due to Troiano’s songwriting influence, these albums moved toward jazz rock; Cummings was unhappy with the stylistic change and disbanded the Guess Who in October 1975.

What band came first the Who or the Guess Who?

In 1968, they released A Wild Pair, a split album with The Staccatos (which soon became Five Man Electrical Band) that was part of a Coca-Cola promotion and brought the band more exposure in Canada. That year, the question mark was dropped and the group officially became The Guess Who.

Who was the lead singer for BTO?

Randy BachmanFred TurnerRandy Murray
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What are some of Burton Cummings Best Albums?

1976 Burton Cummings (Portrait 34261) 1977 My Own Way To Rock (Portrait 34698) 1978 Dream Of A Child (Portrait 35481) 1979 Woman Love (Epic 80040) 1980 The Best of Burton Cummings (CBS Direct 2016; DMK 016 CD)

What was Bob Cummings’first solo album?

This debut solo album, originally released on the Portrait label in 1976, produced a number of hits for Cummings including “I’m Scared,” and “Stand Tall” along with a big-band version of Bachman-Turner Overdrive ‘s “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet.”

How old is Burton Cummings?

Burton Cummings; singer, pianist, songwriter was born in the Canadian city of Winnipeg on December 31st, 1947. He played with a band called the Deverons before joining The Guess Who as lead vocalist in 1965.

What was the name of the song that Randy Cummings left?

Cummings spent ten years with that band, but left for a solo career, releasing a self-titled album in 1976. The single, “Stand Tall,” sold over a million copies. He has also released My Own Way to Rock (1977), Dream of a Child (1978), Woman Love (1980), Sweet Sweet (1981) and Plus Signs (1990).