What version of Windows is SBS 2011?

What version of Windows is SBS 2011?

Windows Small Business Server 2011 is a version of Windows Server 2008 R2 intended for small businesses. It comes in two editions, Standard and Essentials.

Is Windows SBS 2011 end of life?

Nine years after its release, SBS support will end on 14 January 2020.

What is the difference between Windows Server Essentials and Standard?

While Windows Server 2019 Essentials is limited to 25 clients, the Standard version and the Datacenter are not and this depends on a number of CALs (Client’s Access Licenses) that you purchase.

What can you do with Windows Server Essentials?

It includes Windows Server, Exchange Server, Windows SharePoint Services, and Microsoft Outlook. Application server technologies are tightly integrated to provide and offer management benefits such as integrated setup, enhanced monitoring, Remote Web Workplace, a unified management console, and remote access.

Will there be Windows 12?

As part of its new roadmap. In a major change to its roadmap, Microsoft is returning to its three-year plan for new Windows upgrades. The new plan means we might see Windows 12 as early as 2024. According to a report by Windows Central, Microsoft’s new roadmap means new versions of Windows will ship every three years.

Should I use Windows Server Essentials?

The program is perfectly suited for businesses with up to 25 employees and 50 devices and businesses with little IT support. If your small business needs centralized device management, connectivity, and data storage, Windows Server Essentials is for you-however, it is not the only solution to the server dilemma.

What happens when Windows Server trial expires?

When installed Windows 2019 gives you 180 days to use. After that time in the right bottom corner, you will be greeted with message Windows License is expired and your Windows Server machine will start shutting down. You can start it up again, but after a while, another shutdown will occur.