What type of aircraft is 333?

What type of aircraft is 333?

Airbus A330-300
Airbus A330-300 (333)

Does Air Canada have A330?

Air Canada will be deploying the use of the Airbus A330-300 aircraft that allows for the accommodation of 297 passengers. In addition to that, the aircraft will be offering a choice of three cabin classes, including Air Canada Signature Class which features lie-flat seating, Premium Economy Class, and Economy Class.

What is the best seat on an Airbus A330?

Quite the opposite to the Dreamliner, the best regular economy seats on the Airbus A330-300 are actually in the forward, smaller economy cabin as the Economy Delight seats are situated further back.

Do Airbus A330 have tvs?

Relax, recline and enjoy our in-seat entertainment system on all of our A330 aircrafts. From take-off to landing, our entertainment system offers the latest movies, television shows, music videos and interactive games for your viewing pleasure.

How many A330 does Air Canada have?

Current fleet

Aircraft In service Passengers
Airbus A330-300 16 292
Boeing 737 MAX 8 39 169
Boeing 777-200LR 6 300

Where does Air Canada fly the A330?

Air Canada has launched a year-round nonstop service between Milan Malpensa and Montreal, flying up to five-times weekly. The new route is operated by A330-300 aircraft, configured with three classes (economy, premium economy and Air Canada Signature Class with fully-flat seats) and accommodating 297 passengers.

Is A330 a big plane?

Airbus A330-200 can seat up to 250 passengers in two classes. A typical configuration might be 246 passengers with 36 in business (with 60 inches of legroom) and 210 in economy with (32 inches of legroom) Airbus A330-300 can seat up to 290 passengers in two classes. This might be 36 in business and 254 in economy.

Does Air Canada have a 350?

AC350 (ACA350) Air Canada Flight Tracking and History – FlightAware.