What tier is Nami?

What tier is Nami?

Nami Build 12.10 ranks as an B-Tier pick for the Support role in Season 12. This champion currently has a Win Rate of (Good), Pick Rate of (High), and a Ban Rate of (Low).

Is Nami ADC?

Nami excels at enchanting her ADC partners with her skills and providing them great mobility and peels. Nami can open up a fight with her ultimate. Once Vayne sees an enemy is hit with it, she can pop her Ult and kill that enemy.

Who counters NAMI support?

The Best Nami Counter Picks in League of Legends for patch 12.10, Ranked Boost recommends these picks due to their win condition and abilities.

  • Sion. The Undead Juggernaut.
  • Maokai. The Twisted Treant.
  • C. The Storm’s Fury.

How good is Nami LOL?

Nami is actually a really good support, I don’t really know why people don’t play her more. Her heal is deceptively strong: it can hit three times if you are in the right situation, and it has a very short cooldown, and relatively low cost, it’s definitely one of the stronger heals in the game.

Does NAMI scale?

200 ap is the scaling threshold for nami W. After 200 ap each bounce increases healing and damage instead of reducing the effectiveness. 330ish ap is enough to make your e slow strong enough to almost always hit your slow into bubble.

Is Nami good in league?

As stated before, Nami is one of the best-designed champions in the game. Her kit is well-rounded, with her cc being good but with a fair chance of dodging, her peel not being quite up to the level of Janna, and her heals not quite measuring up to Soraka.

How hard is Nami?

Physical Abilities Nami is also physically very strong and fit, and when she is extremely enraged especially from Luffy’s reckless spending, she can pack extremely powerful punches to give vicious beatings, that can cause Luffy who has a tremendously tough durability to have brutal and bloody bruises.

Why is Zed so popular?

Zed Can Solo Carry Games With so much mobility, damage, and outplay potential, Zed is the ultimate champion for solo queue. No matter if you’re playing him in the mid lane or the jungle role, you’ll still be able to carry games with him.

Is Nami a hard support?

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