What stores do they have at the Bangor Mall?

What stores do they have at the Bangor Mall?

Conveniently located off I-95, a major highway in the state, Bangor Mall serves as a go-to destination for shoppers in the top two-thirds of Maine and the Eastern provinces of Canada. JCPenney, Hollister, American Eagle, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Victoria’s Secret, and more.

How many stores are in the Bangor Mall?

80 specialty
Bangor Mall spans more than 653,000 square feet. Offers more than 80 specialty stores.

What year did the Maine Mall open?

1971The Maine Mall / Opened

Who owns the Maine Mall?

Brookfield PropertiesThe Maine Mall / OwnerBrookfield Properties is a North American subsidiary of commercial real estate company Brookfield Property Partners, which itself is a subsidiary of alternative asset management company Brookfield Asset Management. Wikipedia

What happened Bangor Mall?

Bangor Mall is managed by Namdar Realty Group, who acquired the mall for $12.6 million in 2019 after Simon Property Group defaulted on an $80 million loan.

When did the Bangor Mall open?

October 1978Bangor Mall / Opened

How old is the Maine Mall?

51The Maine Mall / Age (c. 1971)

What time does Maine Mall open for walkers?

Mall walking Walkers may enter through all public entrances one hour before mall opening hours Monday through Sunday.

How many acres is the Maine Mall?

The 90-acre, mostly paved shopping mecca in South Portland would be infused with homes and parks for a more balanced live-work-play environment.

When was Bangor Mall built?

How old is the Bangor Mall?

44Bangor Mall / Age (c. 1978)

What county is Bangor Maine in?

Penobscot CountyBangor / County
Bangor, city, seat (1816) of Penobscot county, east-central Maine, U.S. It is a port of entry at the head of navigation on the Penobscot River opposite Brewer.

How many zip codes are in Bangor Maine?

2 zip codes
Bangor makes up approximately 0.48% of the total land area for Maine and we have 2 zip codes for the city in our database, which you can see details of below, with land area information for each zip code.

Are there any Sears stores still open in Maine?

There will only be 84 left in the United States after the store at the Maine Mall in South Portland closes this weekend, following closures in Brunswick, Bangor, Augusta, Lewiston, and Presque Isle. Nothing lasts forever.

Why is Bangor Maine famous?

During the 19th Century, Maine’s vast forests, offering supplies of lumber and naval stores, brought unprecedented wealth to the region. By the 1850’s, Bangor was considered the lumber capital of the world, was one of the busiest ports on the East Coast, and was heavily engaged in shipbuilding and commerce.

Is Bangor Maine a nice place to live?

Bangor, Maine, is a growing city with a small-town feel that was recently named one of the coolest towns in America and a top place to live. Since the median home price is $149,700 and the cost of living is accessible, most families live comfortably in safe neighborhoods surrounded by top-rated schools.

What is Bangor area code?

Area code 207Bangor / Area codeArea code 207 is the sole telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan for the U.S. state of Maine. Area code 207 was created as one of the original North American area codes in 1947. The numbering plan area still retains its original boundaries, having never been split or overlaid. Wikipedia