What sources of drug information is available to healthcare professionals?

What sources of drug information is available to healthcare professionals?

AHFS DI from the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) is the most comprehensive source of unbiased and authoritative drug information available to health professionals today.

What are 3 drug information resources that can be found at the FDA website?


  • Index to Drug-Specific Information.
  • Information for Consumers (Drugs)
  • Information for Healthcare Professionals (Drugs)
  • Information for Industry (Drugs)
  • Report a Serious Medical Product Problem Online.
  • DailyMed (National Library of Medicine)
  • [email protected]
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Drugs.

What is a drug information sheet?

A consumer medicine information (CMI) leaflet gives you important information about your medication. CMIs are available for any medication prescribed by your doctor or for medication available only at a pharmacy.

What are the three sources of drug information?

Drug information sources have been traditionally classified in three different categories: primary, secondary, and tertiary.

What are the basic drug information resources?

Sources of information include American Hospital Formulary Service Drug Information (AHFS DI), United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Micromedex,and MedFacts. Browse or search for United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved prescription and over-the-counter drug products.

What is the best source of drug information?

Is there a reliable website FDA recommends? Try the websites www.drugs.com/fda-consumer/ or MedlinePlus. Drugs.com is designed for both consumers and health professionals. The site features FDA Consumer Update articles, videos, and slideshows.

What makes a good patient information leaflet?

A well written and clearly designed leaflet can maximise the number of people who can use the information to make decisions about their medicine so that they can use it safely and effectively. Information design essentially makes complex information easy to use and easy to understand.

Why it is important to give patients information on medicines supplied to them?

Patients require information to help them use their medicines safely and effectively, and to facilitate an understanding of the possible harms and benefits of treatment.

Why is WebMD not credible?

In an article analyzing the reliability of WebMD, a Vox writer said, “Overall, the doctors I spoke to said they didn’t find anything exceptionally egregious about WebMD. But they noted the lack of context around some of the site’s medical advice, as well as a smattering of misinformation.”

What are 3 reliable sources of health information?

health brochures in your local hospital, doctor’s office or community health centre. telephone helplines such as NURSE-ON-CALL or Directline. your doctor or pharmacist. reliable health information websites, such as government sites, condition-specific sites, support organisation sites, and medical journals.

What should be included on a patient information leaflet?

Information necessary before taking the medicine: Situations where the medicine should not be used, any precautions, warnings, interactions with other medicines or foods, information for special groups of patients (pregnant or nursing mothers), and any effects the medicine may have on the patient’s ability to drive.