What size is a 1/72 scale model?

What size is a 1/72 scale model?

1 inch to 6 feet
1:72 scale is a scale used for scale models, most commonly model aircraft, corresponding to one sixth of an inch representing one foot (or 1 inch to 6 feet). In other words, 72 of a given model placed end to end would represent the length of the real thing.

What is the difference between 1 72 and 1 76 scale?

Obviously the difference between the two scales is minute and can be mixed, but why did these two different but very close scales come about? 1/72 is 1 inch to 6 feet so is a natural scale. 1/76 is OO railway and results in standard gauge track having a scale rail separation of 1 inch.

How tall is a 1 76 scale figure?

Material: plastic. Item Size: Length: 9 mm (0.351 inch). Height: 24 mm (0.936 inch). Width: 4 mm (0.156 inch).

What is the most popular scale for model aircraft?

The world’s most popular scale is 1/72. This was the original scale used back in the late 1930’s for some of the first plastic assembly kits produced in England. This scale became popular with modelers in the 1950s with the mass production of Airfix and Frog kits.

Is 1:72 scale the same as 25mm?

No. They are incompatible. 1/72 are smaller and thinner. 25mm are far to big to field with them.

What scale is 70mm?

How are figure scales and standards determined?

Scale Gauge mm Standard**
1/25 G* 70mm
1/24 G*
1/23 G* 76mm
1/20 90mm

Which are the best plastic model kits?

Top Plastic Airplane Model Kits

  • Premium Hobbies P-40B “Pearl Harbor” 1:72 Plastic Model Airplane Kit 135V.
  • Revell 1: 48 B25J Mitchell.
  • Premium Hobbies P-47D “Battle of The Bulge” 1:72 Plastic Model Airplane Kit 130V.
  • q4you Revell 03999 Boeing 747-200, Plastic Model Kit.
  • Revell 1:48 P – 51D Mustang.

What are the best model airplane brands?

Top 5 Best Model Plane Kits Reviewed.

  • Vought F4U-1A Corsair Kit. Intensely detailed model complete with an accurate fit.
  • Airfix Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat 1:24.
  • P-51D Mustang Hobby Model Kit.
  • De Havilland Mosquito MK IV Airplane Kit.
  • 1/48 Messerschmitt BF 109 G-6 Plastic Model Airplane.
  • Is 1:72 scale the same as 28mm?

    Is 1:72 scale the same as 28mm? No, 1:72 scale is not the same as 28mm. 1:72 miniatures, vehicles and buildings look tiny compared to 28mm miniatures.

    Is 15mm the same as 1/72 scale?

    15mm is somewhere between 1/100 and 1/108 scale, depending on who you’re talking to. Comparing 1/72 to 1/87 scale (HO) there is a noticable difference, so the difference is even more noticable with 15mm scale stuff. You’re talking about almost a 50% difference is scales.

    Are Dinky Toys a good investment?

    If you spent £100 on Dinky toys in 1985, your investment would have likely quadrupled in value over 15 years, putting other investments in the shade. But experts warn that investing in toys is a risky business, and never recommend collecting as an investment, as it has never proved 100% reliable.

    Who makes 1/72 scale military figures?

    Italeri is ranked #1 out of 27 1/72 scale plastic model military figures manufacturers, followed by Hat Industries Figures, and Imex Model Co. This is a plastic collection of a 1/72 Confederate Artillery Set from the American Civil War.

    What age is this 1/72 scale WW2 model for?

    This is the 1/72 Scale German Infantry (Winter Uniform) from the World War II series by Italeri. Suitable for Ages 8 & Older. This is the 1/72 Scale WWII US Paratroopers 101st Airborne Division Plastic Model Military Figure Kit from Italeri. Suitable for Ages 10 & Older. This is the 1/72 Scale WWII US Infantry Plastic Figures by Italeri.

    What is a 1/72 scale civil war set?

    This is a plastic collection of a 1/72 Union Infantry Set from the American Civil War. It’s part of the IMEX American Civil War Model Series. This is the 1/72 Scale English Knights and Archers Plastic Figure Set by Italeri. Suitable for Ages 8 & Older.

    Are there any ago CII decal options in 1/72?

    There are no related products covering the “AGO C.II” in 1:72. This kit is actually an AGO C.I. The C.II had 3 bay wings. All the decal options are for C.I’s featured in Windsock Datafile 75.