What set is best for Razor Genshin?

What set is best for Razor Genshin?

Razor is a 4-Star Electro Claymore character in Genshin Impact….Physical Main DPS.

Best Weapon Song of Broken Pines
Replacement Weapons 1. Wolf’s Gravestone 2. Serpent Spine 3. Snow-Tombed Starsilver
Best Artifacts Pale Flame x4
Main Stats Sands: ATK%
Goblet: Physical DMG Bonus

Is Razor good Genshin?

Razor excels as a main DPS character and is often thought of as one of the best four-star characters. We recommend using him in a party with Genshin Impact’s Diona, as she can help trigger superconduct and provide support.

What is Razor code?

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Who is better Beidou or Razor?

Honestly, use whoever you like the most. If you have fun with Beidou, keep playing as her. If you’ve grown up on Razor, there’s nothing bad in raising him. Or, if you like both, you can just switch to the one you feel like using today (if you have enough resources, of course).

Who is Razor good with?

Qiqi. Qiqi is one of the best healers in the game. Her Elemental skill works well with Razor since he’ll spend most of his time fighting at close range. Qiqi’s Elemental Burst also continuously heals Razor as long as he’s dealing damage, which is perfect because Razor needs as much field time as he can have.

What is @model in Razor?

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How old is razor from Genshin?

Razor is one of the youngest playable characters in the game. Just like his good friend Bennett, he is 16 years old and celebrates his birthday every 9th of September.

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