What region is Les Arcs?

What region is Les Arcs?

Savoie region
Les Arcs is located in the Savoie region of France, in the Tarentaise valley. The most convenient airport to Les Arcs is Chambery while Bourg St Maurice train station is the finishing point for the Eurostar directly from London.

Who built Les Arcs 1950?

developer Intrawest
Arc 1950 (Le Village) is a recent five-star alpine village development by the Canadian ski resort developer Intrawest, which also developed such resorts as Whistler and Mont Tremblant in Canada.

Which is the best Les Arcs?

Les Arcs Resort 1600 and 1800 are the biggest and most lively, with accommodation mostly in the form of good value apartment blocks. The new Mille 8 development at 1800 has made a big difference for families, making this our top choice if you’re heading to Les Arcs with little ones.

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What is skiing like in Les Arcs?

Les Arcs Ski Resort There’s a huge range of runs, from long cruising reds and blues, to steep blacks and some fine tree-lined runs – a bit of a rarity in this part of the French Alps. A lot of money has been invested in the lift system and it is now pretty slick, with few slow chairs remaining.

Is Les Arcs in the French Alps?

Les Arcs is situated in the Tarentaise Valley, Savoie region of France in the French Alps, above the town of Bourg-Saint-Maurice. It is located in the National Natural Park of La Vanoise. Its top peak is L’Aiguille Rouge, 3,226m (10,580ft) high.

Where can you ski to from Les Arcs?

Ski from the top of the Aiguille Rouge cable car in Les Arcs right over to the Chiaupe Glacier in La Plagne, at 3250m, the highest peak in the ski area. By taking the Vanoise Express cable car across the valley you can experience the highlights of both Les Arcs and La Plagne.

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