What Pantone color is burgundy?

What Pantone color is burgundy?

PANTONE 19-1617 TCX. Burgundy.

How do I find Pantone references?

Using Illustrator to find your Pantone Colour Reference

  1. Open your logo EPS file in Illustrator.
  2. Select coloured area of logo.
  3. Select window > colour and swatches.
  4. Colour box reveals your pantone reference, for example: Pantone 2975C (C = coated, U = uncoated)

What color is Pantone 574?

The hexadecimal color code #4e5b31 is a medium dark shade of yellow-green. In the RGB color model #4e5b31 is comprised of 30.59% red, 35.69% green and 19.22% blue. In the HSL color space #4e5b31 has a hue of 79° (degrees), 30% saturation and 27% lightness.

What is the hex code for Burgundy?

The hex code for burgundy is #800020.

What is the RGB for Burgundy?

The color burgundy with hexadecimal color code #800020 is a medium dark shade of pink-red. In the RGB color model #800020 is comprised of 50.2% red, 0% green and 12.55% blue. In the HSL color space #800020 has a hue of 345° (degrees), 100% saturation and 25% lightness.

What are Pantone color codes?

The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a color standardization system that helps in color identification and matching. It uses the Pantone numbering system to identify colors, and through this numbering system printer and other equipment manufacturers can match colors without having to contact one another.

What Colours compliment burgundy?

11 Great Colors That Go Well With Burgundy

  • Grey. Grey is a popular shade right now, and if you love the idea of grey or already have it in your home, the good news is that grey is a color that works fabulously with burgundy.
  • White. It’s not surprising that white goes well with burgundy.
  • Pink.
  • Black.
  • Purple.
  • Gold.
  • Beige.
  • Green.

What is the Pantone colour for 2021?

Ultimate Gray
Pantone unveils its 2021 Color(s) of the Year: Ultimate Gray and Illuminating. As 2020 nears its tumultuous end, the Pantone Color Institute has taken up its annual task of forecasting the color that will best reflect the year ahead.

Is burgundy a shade of brown?

Burgundy is a deep reddish-brown shade inspired by wine from the Burgundy region of France (which is named after the ancient Germanic tribe, Burgundians).