What is young thugs album cover based on?

What is young thugs album cover based on?

The album cover for “Punk,” released on Oct. 15 and featuring artwork inspired by Mexican-born surrealist painter Octavio Ocampo’s 1987-1989 work, “Forever Always,” is the latest example of the influential talent’s emphasis on visuals.

Who did Young Thug’s album cover?

The album features guest appearances from Future, Machine Gun Kelly, Gunna, Lil Baby, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Duke, 21 Savage, Doe Boy, Lil Keed, Quavo, Juice Wrld, Nav, J. Cole, and Travis Scott.

Who made so much fun album cover?

Young Thug’s latest project, So Much Fun, landed the Atlanta rapper his first No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The offbeat cover art was created by Nashville artist and designer Fano, who painstakingly placed each of the 803 Thugs used to form the rapper’s face.

Why did Young Thug wear a dress on his album cover?

In a 2016 interview with The Fader, JEFFERY cover art photographer Garfield Larmond said Thug picked out the dress himself. “He saw the piece in New York, and said immediately, ‘I want that for the cover,’” Larmond recalled. “Like, there was no thought about it. He just saw it and knew he wanted it.”

Why is the album called Jeffrey?

Just before his album release on Thursday night, Young Thug’s style was all the world was talking about. Thugger shared the cover for his album No, My Name Is JEFFERY, which features the Atlanta rapper posing severely in a skirt-like garment.

Who made the Jeffery album cover?

Alessandro Trincone
Alessandro Trincone, the Italian designer behind the outfit the rapper Young Thug wore on his new “No My Name Is Jeffery” album cover, was just as stunned as the rest of the world when he saw the final result, if not more.

What is the meaning of so much fun?

It will be ever so much fun!: It’s going to be very enjoyable! It will be great! It’s going to be extremely entertaining! idiom.

Where is the Jeffrey dress?

XXL Magazine on Twitter: “Young Thug’s Jeffrey dress at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston https://t.co/YPNKFnNwUR” / Twitter.

What is the difference between Jeffrey and Jeffery?

Jeffery is a spelling variation of Jeffrey, which in turn is the modern respelling of Geoffrey, a male given name that dates back to the Middle Ages.

What does the name Jeffrey mean?

divine peace
a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “divine peace.”

What is Young Thug’s new album cover?

Young Thug has filled his “Punk” cover’s own ‘metamorphosis’ with two self-referential profiles of his own face, pink dreads framing both visages, with young Black artists playing instruments and gambling with dice.

How many mixtapes has Young Thug released?

The discography of American rapper Young Thug consists of two studio albums, two compilation albums, nineteen mixtapes, three extended plays, and sixty-nine singles (including 71 as a featured artist). In 2015, Thug released his debut mixtape, Barter 6, which reached number 22 on the Billboard 200.

Is Young Thug’s “punk” album art inspired by Ocampo’s “Forever Always”?

The first notice that Thug’s “Punk” album art tipped its hat to painter Ocampo’s “Forever Always” came in October 14’s XXL’s online new release list for the week. And for all of his innovation, Young Thug isn’t the first contemporary musical artist to use Ocampo’s art work as inspiration or as an album cover.

What is Beautiful Thugger Girls by Young Thug all about?

BEAUTIFUL THUGGER GIRLS is Young Thug’s first project of 2017. It was executively produced by Drake, Wheezy, and London On Da Track. As opposed to his Atlanta-influenced trap mixtapes, this album blends together elements of rap, R&B, pop, and country. Its features range from newer pop artist Millie Go Lightly, to hip-hop legend, Snoop Dogg.