What is Yaldabaoth the God of?

What is Yaldabaoth the God of?

Yaldabaoth, Jaldabaoth, or Ildabaoth is an evil deity and creator of the material world in various Gnostic sects and movements, sometimes represented as a theriomorphic, lion-headed serpent. He is regarded as the Demiurge and false god who keeps the souls trapped in physical bodies, imprisoned in the material universe.

What does the word Yaldabaoth mean?

False God
(Gnosticism) The name of the Demiurge or ‘False God’. Created when Sophia (one of the lesser aeons) tried to emanate without her counterpart (Christ).

Are Yaldabaoth and Demiurge the same?

The Demiurge, also known as Yaldabaoth, is a recurring demon in the series.

Who is the Demiurge God?

The inferior God created by Sophia’s desire, also referred to as the Demiurge, is the Creator God of the Old Testament. Due to his inferiority, he is not seen as good but rather an evil, angry, violent God.

Who is Saklas in the Bible?

Another alternative title for the demiurge is “Saklas”, Aramaic for “fool”. In the Apocryphon of John, Yaldabaoth is also known as both Sakla and Samael.

Is YHWH Demiurge?

In these forms of gnosticism, the God of the Old Testament, YHWH, is often considered to have been the Demiurge, not the Monad, or sometimes different passages are interpreted as referring to each.

What does the Bible say about Yaldabaoth?

In the book of Isaiah, the Jewish deity declares: “I am God and there is no other!” (46:9). In gnostic sources, this declaration becomes the mantra of the foolish creator, Yaldabaoth.

Is the scarlet king Yaldabaoth?

According to the Serpent’s Hand Yaldabaoth is the uncle/aunt of the Scarlet King.

Is Zeus the Demiurge?

A demiurge god is defined as “the creator god of the world at the beginning of a set of religious myths.” For example, in the Christian, Egyptian, and Scandinavian religions, Ra, God, and Odin are demiurges. On the other hand, Zeus is not a demiurge because he did not create the Greek Universe.

Is Jesus from Barbelo?

In the Gospel of Judas, Judas acknowledges that Jesus is “from the immortal realm of Barbelo” and Jesus takes him aside to impart special wisdom. He tells Judas that by turning him over to be executed, he is actually helping to free Jesus from the physical world so his soul can return to the eternal spiritual realm.

Is the Demiurge an Archon?

Archon, in gnosticism, any of a number of world-governing powers that were created with the material world by a subordinate deity called the Demiurge (Creator).

Who is the gnostic God?

In many Gnostic systems, God is known as the Monad, the One. God is the high source of the pleroma, the region of light. The various emanations of God are called æons.

Who is Saklas?

How did Sophia create the Demiurge?

Here she forms the Demiurge (the Proarchōn), a composite of ignorance and self-exaltation. This Being, by virtue of pneumatic powers stolen from his mother, proceeds to form the lower world. The mother, on the other hand, flees away into the upper regions and makes her dwelling there in the Ogdoad.

Did Jesus ever get married?

“Christian tradition has long held that Jesus was not married, even though no reliable historical evidence exists to support that claim,” King said in a press release.