What is VSL in Cisco switch?

What is VSL in Cisco switch?

VSL is a special port group. We recommend that you configure both of the 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports on the supervisor engines as VSL ports. Optionally, you can also configure the VSL port group to contain switching module 10-Gigabit Ethernet ports. This configuration provides additional VSL capacity.

What is Cisco SSO redundancy?

SSO providesRP redundancy by establishing one of the RPs as the active processor and the other RP as the standby processor. SSO also synchronizes critical state information between the RPs so that network state information is dynamically maintained between RPs. SSO is generally used with Cisco nonstop forwarding (NSF).

What is Cisco StackWise virtual?

Cisco StackWise Virtual is a network system virtualization technology that pairs two switches into one virtual switch. This technology simplifies the operational efficiency because we can only control one plane to manage the stacking switches.

What is difference between Stacking and VSS?

A VSS will allow two physical Cisco Catalyst Series Switches to operate as a single logical virtual switch called a virtual switching system….Comparison Table: Stacking vs VSS.

Distance Supported Limited by distance VSS members can be in geographically distant locations

What is the difference between VSS and StackWise virtual?

A The initial phase of StackWise Virtual capabilities offers consistent capabilities as a Cisco Catalyst 6K/4K VSS solution. However, the StackWise Virtual technology is a new innovation that is extended based on traditional stacking technology.

What is stateful switchover in Cisco?

The Stateful Switchover (SSO) feature works with Nonstop Forwarding (NSF) in Cisco software to minimize the amount of time a network is unavailable to its users following a switchover. The primary objective of SSO is to improve the availability of networks constructed with Cisco routers.

How does SSO work with HSRP to minimize network disruptions?

SSO HSRP alters the behavior of HSRP when a device with redundant Route Processors (RPs) is configured for stateful switchover (SSO) redundancy mode. When an RP is active and the other RP is standby, SSO enables the standby RP to take over if the active RP fails.

What is virtual Stacking?

Virtual Stacking is an industry-first technology that provides centralized management for up to 10,000 switch ports.

What is stateful switchover SSO?

Stateful Switchover (SSO) is a redundancy feature that allows a Cisco device with two route processors to synchronise router configuration and control plane state information. The processing of mirroring this information between route processors is known as checkpointing.

What is SSO in Hsrp?

What is UDLD and how do I use it?

• Aggressive Mode – If a unidirectional link is detected, the port is placed in an errdisable state. It can be enabled globally (but only for Fiber ports on the switch): UDLD is intended to detect such a condition. UDLD can also be just as useful on copper links traversing intermediate “dumb” devices, such as media converters.

Does UDLD put the port in the ERR-disable mode?

Useful article. I also found out that UDLD puts the port in the err-disable when receiving a UDLD frame containing no ID and port of local switch. This behavior does not depend on the UDLD mode. To simulate a unidirectional link I used VACL (deny mac 0100. 0ccc. cccc) on one side. This is noteworthy because many articles on cisco.

What is the difference between STP and UDLD?

UDLD complements the STP which is used to eliminate switching loops. Its periodically tests ports to ensure bi-directional communication is maintained. UDLD sends out ID frames on a port, and waits for the remote switch to respond with its own ID frame.

How does err-disable recovery work in UDLD?

If the err-disable recovery puts a port previously disabled by UDLD back into service, UDLD will test whether the link is uni-directional. However, this happens while the port is up and operating. In other words, the port will come up, perhaps start transmitting data, and at the same time,…