What is there to do in Santa Barbara on a Saturday night?

What is there to do in Santa Barbara on a Saturday night?

Best fun things to do at night in Santa Barbara, California

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  • MOXI – The Wolf Museum Of Exploration + Innovation.
  • The House of Clues.
  • West Wind Drive-In Santa Barbara.
  • Lightning in a Bottle.
  • Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.
  • Comedy Hideaway.
  • The Funk Zone.

Does Santa Barbara have a night life?

From bars and nightclubs to late night eats, Santa Barbara has something to keep you busy every night of the week. On bustling State Street, right downtown, you can take your pick of watering holes.

What is there to do on a Friday night in Santa Barbara?

Best fun things to do on a friday night in Santa Barbara,…

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  • Talley Vineyards. 69.5 mi.
  • All “fun things to do on a friday night” Results in Santa Barbara, CA.
  • Courthouse Summer Movie Series.
  • West Wind Drive-In Santa Barbara.
  • The Red Piano.
  • The Painted Cabernet.
  • Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.

Is Solvang CA worth visiting?

The charming Village of Solvang is worth visiting for its striking Danish architecture, numerous wine tasting rooms, and bakeries offering authentic Danish treats. Planning a weekend in Santa Barbara? Consider adding a day trip to Solvang!

What is there to do in Santa Barbara bars?

Top Attractions in Santa Barbara

  • Santa Barbara County Courthouse. 2,979. Historic Sites • Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • Santa Barbara Zoo. 1,377. Zoos.
  • Cold Spring Tavern. 591. Mountains.
  • Old Mission Santa Barbara. 2,710.
  • Shoreline Park. 593.
  • Cabrillo Bike Path. 270.
  • Arroyo Burro County Beach Park. 362.
  • Santa Barbara Harbor. 782.

Why is it called the Funk Zone?

Somewhat newly reemerging along the famed waterfront is the aptly named Funk Zone, so-called for its historically artsy, creative tenants throughout the (now converted) warehouse-heavy neighborhood.

What is Santa Barbara most known for?

Photo Credit: Instagram @zarzoso Santa Barbara is best known for its broad, sandy beaches, and whether you’re looking to catch the perfect wave or the perfect sunset, there are plenty from which to choose.

How can I spend a day in Santa Barbara?

Day Trip to Santa Barbara Itinerary

  1. Grab Coffee in the Funk Zone.
  2. Rent Beach Cruisers and Cruise Along the Boardwalk.
  3. Test Out Some Wine Bars Along the Urban Wine Trail.
  4. Rent a Sailboat at Sunset with SB Sail.
  5. Head to dinner either in Funk Town or Stonehouse.
  6. Day trip to Solvang.
  7. Wine tasting near Santa Barbara.

What food is Solvang known for?

Solvang is a Danish Pastry Heaven! There are plenty of bakeries in every corner selling danish pancakes, waffles, strudels, cinnamon rolls, even tarts, croissants, and cookies. Danish pastries with a variety of flavors to choose from: blueberry, cream cheese, raspberry, apple, lemon, and the list goes on.

Are masks mandatory in Santa Barbara?

In accordance with the California Public Department of Health and the Santa Barbara County Public Health, face coverings are not required in Santa Barbara County.

Is it safe to walk in Santa Barbara at night?

OVERALL RISK : MEDIUM. There’s a medium overall risk in Santa Barbara.

What is the main drag in Santa Barbara?

STATE STREET Along this palm-lined thoroughfare you’ll be surrounded on all sides by shops, boutiques, tantalizing eateries and beautiful buildings. It’s easy to explore by foot or on the electric shuttle that runs the length of downtown.

Do any celebrities live in Santa Barbara?

Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Steven Spielberg, Whoopi Goldberg, Kevin Costner, and Oprah Winfrey are just a few of the Hollywood heavyweights to call Santa Barbara home.