What is the Woodhead?

What is the Woodhead?

Woodhead is the location of the western portals of the Woodhead Tunnels, three former railway tunnels on the electrified Woodhead line between Manchester and Sheffield. There was formerly a railway station and signal box at Woodhead.

Is Woodhead bypass open?

A628 Woodhead Pass currently blocked/closed in both directions due to Road Traffic Collision & snow. Please find alternative route or do not travel unless absolutely necessary.

What was the last year a passenger could have Travelled from here over the Pennines on the Woodhead Line?

Having seen major investment in the 1950s, the line was controversially closed to passenger traffic on 5 January 1970. This was despite a recommendation in the Beeching Report, which had earmarked the Hope Valley line for closure to passenger services instead.

Where does the Woodhead Pass start?

Starting at Stocksbridge and heading west towards Hollingworth this stretch of road is like a tour of the region’s reservoirs as you’ll pass at least eight during the 19 mile route.

Where does the Woodhead Pass start and finish?

The Woodhead Pass is a transpennine crossing on the A628 between Manchester and Sheffield in the Peak District. It reaches a maximum altitude of 1486 feet.

Where does the Woodhead Pass Go?

The pass carries the A57 road between Manchester and Sheffield, but it is no longer the main signposted route between those two cities, with traffic instead directed through the Woodhead Pass to the north….

Snake Pass
Coordinates 53°25′58″N 1°52′08″W
Shown within Derbyshire

Is Snakepass closed?

Snake Pass is reopening today after a five-week closure – but there’s a slow speed limit. The major Peak District through road was closed after being structurally damaged during two February storms. It’s been confirmed that Snake Pass is to finally reopen to the public today after being closed for five weeks.

What happened to the Great Central Railway?

On 1st January, 1923 the creation of the “Big Four” railway companies saw Great Central amalgamated into the London and North Eastern Railway (LNER). The nationalisation of the railways in 1948 led to the Great Central metals becoming part of the Eastern Region of British Railways.

Is Snake Pass the same as Woodhead?

Although Snake Pass is still the shortest route between Manchester and Sheffield, the more northerly Woodhead Pass, which is less steep and at a lower altitude, is now the primary road link between the two cities. Unlike Snake Pass, the Woodhead route is a trunk road.

Is the Snake pass A57 open?

A ‘safety first’ approach is at the heart of our decision to reopen the A57 Snake Pass from tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday 29 March 2022) with on-site monitoring continuing to protect all road users, including cyclists and pedestrians.

Is the Snake Pass A57 open?

Is snakes pass open now?

Just spoken to traffic management, road is closed. @SnakePassRoad Despite signs in Glossop saying Snake Pass Closed, the road is currently open in both directions.

Is the A57 open?

A57 now open traffic flowing. Just spoken to traffic management, road is closed. @SnakePassRoad Despite signs in Glossop saying Snake Pass Closed, the road is currently open in both directions. I’ve just driven from Manc to Sheffield.

Why was Snakepass closed?

In a post on Twitter, Derbyshire Police said: “The A57 Snake Pass is currently closed between Glossop and The Snake Inn at Bamford due to a serious collision.