What is the voicemail phone number for AT?

What is the voicemail phone number for AT?

1 888 288-8893
Dial your Access Number, 1 888 288-8893. Once you hear the system greeting, simply follow the prompts. 1b. Dial your Mailbox Number.

How do I get my voicemail on AT?

To listen to your messages online:

  1. Sign in to your online myAT account.
  2. Select Home Phone from the top navigation bar, then select Check Voice Mail.
  3. A list of your new and saved messages will be displayed in the Voice Messages tab.
  4. Listen to messages, and save or delete them.

What number do you dial to set up voicemail?

There are a few different ways to access your voicemail setup from your phone’s keypad, and they might vary depending on your provider. One option involves pressing and holding 1 on the keypad. Another involves dialing *86 on the keypad.

How do I setup my voicemail on my AT Iphone?

Phone app. Select the Voicemail tab, then select Set Up Now. Note: Alternatively, you can set up voicemail by selecting the Phone app then pressing and holding the 1 key. If prompted, enter your voicemail password, then follow the prompts to set up your voicemail.

How do I setup my AT cordless phone answering machine?

Set up Voicemail or Answering Machine

  1. To set up your voicemail, dial 1 on your connected home phone.
  2. Follow the prompts to create and enter a 4 to 15-digit voicemail password.
  3. Record your personal greeting and press the ‘#’ key.
  4. After completing the setup process, press the ‘*’ key to return to the Main Menu.

Why is my ATT voicemail not working?

If you are getting a message that voicemail isn’t available just wait a bit and then try calling your voicemail again. Check Call Forwarding settings: Learn how to turn Call Forwarding on and off to resolve issues when: All your calls are going to voicemail.

How do I setup my AT home phone voicemail?

How do you get to voicemail on AT cordless phone?

Dial *98 from your home phone. If you are away from home, dial your access number and follow the prompts, or dial your phone number, then press the * key when you hear the greeting. Enter your PIN and follow the prompts….

  1. Access voicemail.
  2. Press 1 to Get your Messages.
  3. Press 1 for Voice Messages.

How do I set up voicemail?

To record a new greeting:

  1. Open the Google Voice app .
  2. At the top left, tap Menu. Settings.
  3. In the Voicemail section, tap Voicemail greeting.
  4. Tap Record a greeting.
  5. Tap Record .
  6. Record your greeting and when you’re done, tap Stop .
  7. Choose what you want to do with the recording: To listen to the recording, tap Play. .

How do I fix my voicemail on my AT Phone?

Troubleshoot your voicemail

  1. Go to your myAT account overview and open the My wireless section.
  2. Scroll to My devices & add-ons and choose the device you want to manage.
  3. Select Manage my device.
  4. Under Device options & settings, choose Reset voicemail password and follow the prompts.

How do I set up voicemail on my AT home phone?

Set up voicemail and record a greeting

  1. Dial *98 from your home phone.
  2. Choose a Personal Identification Number (PIN) between 6 and 10 digits.
  3. Follow the instructions and set up your 8-digit authentication code.
  4. Say your name after the tone when prompted, and press #.
  5. Follow the prompts to record a personal greeting.

How do I set up voicemail on my AT home Phone?