What is the very last mission in GTA 5?

What is the very last mission in GTA 5?

The last mission of GTA 5 offers you three different options – kill Trevor, kill Michael or Deathwish. Whichever option you choose will bring you to one of GTA 5’s three endings, so, if you want to experience them all, save your game before making your final decision.

What do you do after the last mission in GTA 5?

5 things to do in GTA 5 after completing the story mode

  • Strangers and freaks. A feature returning from GTA 4 but in a much grander fashion is the optional strangers and freaks missions you can find throughout San Andreas.
  • Movies.
  • Discover hidden easter eggs.
  • Ride a rollercoaster.
  • Become a stock market mogul.

How do you replay the last mission on GTA 5?

Assuming that you picked the ending that you wanted, you can replay the other two options. Navigate the start menu to the replay option, scroll to the bottom, and you should see the following 3 missions: Something Sensible (Option A) The Time’s Come (Option B)

What is the best choice in GTA 5 last mission?

The Deathwish ending is the best finale in GTA 5 for several reasons. Deathwish is Franklin’s Option C in the finale, which triggers The Third Way mission in GTA 5. Not only is it the canon ending in GTA 5, but it’s also the only ending where all three protagonists are alive.

How much money do you get for Deathwish GTA 5?

If you choose Death-wish, everyone lives, everyone gets 20 Million and you kill some other dudes instead.

Can you replay Dr. Dre final mission?

Yes. Once you complete all of the VIP missions (Dr. Dre missions), you will be able to replay certain ones.

Who kills Franklin?

Despite the danger of his job, Franklin has managed to evade death for the last few seasons. Ironically, Franklin found himself shot multiple times in the Season 3 finale by none other than his off-and-on girlfriend, Melody Wright (Reign Edwards). Why did Melody shoot Franklin?

Can you repeat Dr. Dre mission?

Can you replay the Franklin and Lamar missions?

At the end of the mission, players will see Lamar celebrating his brand and Franklin cinematically walking away from the scene to go home to his family. The “Short Trip – OG Kush” is the last mission with Franklin and Lamar, but players can replay these three missions at any time in GTA Online.

Can you do Dr. Dre missions more than once?

Can you do Dr. Dre missions solo?

Yes, you can do some of the missions solo by design (such as the security contracts), and some you can do solo by skipping through waiting for other people to join. However, a few of the larger missions to get Dre’s phone back have been designed for 1-4 people.