What is the thread of a conversation?

What is the thread of a conversation?

A running commentary of text messages pertaining to one topic or question. Message threads are used in all forms of user discussions on the Internet, including Usenet newsgroups, Web-based forums, blogs, chat rooms, groupware and email. The “thread” refers to the collection of messages organized by the software.

What is SMS threaded view?

Threaded view means that all messages from the same person you text messaged would be grouped together in a conversation-style list, much like instant messaging or Facebook messaging.

What is thread in mailbox?

What Does Email Thread Mean? An email thread is an email message that includes a running list of all the succeeding replies starting with the original email. The replies are arranged visually near the original message, usually in chronological order from the first reply to the most recent.

Why is it called an email thread?

Because emails create communication chains, many e-mail programs offer the option to display emails as threads, such as Gmail’s “Conversation View”: The ability to view email threads is important in electronic discovery because it connects related messages that might not otherwise appear together.

How do you follow a thread?

How to Follow a Conversation Thread on Facebook Without Commenting

  1. In the Facebook app, locate the conversation thread or post that you want to follow. When you follow a post, you’ll receive a notification when someone comments.
  2. Tap on the arrow in the upper right corner of the post.
  3. Tap More.

What is a thread index?

Modern Mail clients use the Thread-Index/ID value to indicate the relationship/ordering of messages in a conversation. Previously it was enough for an email to have the same subject and for replies to be prefaced with the Re:. Example: Subject of email.

How do I Unmerge messages on Android?

On Android devices running 2.0 or later, open the Messages app, then press the menu key and select “Settings.” Open general settings and look for storage settings. Once you check a “Delete Old Messages” box, tap to open text or multimedia messages, type a number and tap “OK” to save.

What is thread in WhatsApp?

If you have access to WhatsApp Chat Threads, you will see a dialogue box where you can type an issue you are experiencing. Once you start a thread, WhatsApp will respond in a group chat. The feature also lets you enable or disable sharing your device information and other technical details.

How do I read an email thread?

Click on an unread email conversation to view all of the messages that are part of that conversation. The entire email conversation is displayed, with the oldest email at the top of the page and the most recent email toward the bottom. This presentation is called Conversation view.

How do I stop email threads?

In Gmail on Desktop

  1. Click the gear (Settings) icon at the top right.
  2. Go to Settings > General.
  3. Click the radio button for turning on/off the Conversation View.
  4. Click the Save Changes button.

Can you say email thread?

Email thread, email chain and email stream can all mean the same thing: a collection of email messages including the original and all subsequent replies and forwards from the original sender, recipients and anyone else who was copied or blind copied.

What is a slack thread?

Threads help you create organized discussions around specific messages. They let you discuss a topic in more detail without adding clutter to a channel or direct message (DM) conversation.

Why are my text messages being separated?

Any text message exceeding 918 characters is typically converted into an MMS message. Although there technically is a menu where this setting can be changed, most manufacturers/carriers don’t allow access to it. You can also sidestep the problem by switching to a messaging app, such as Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp.

How do I see hidden messages on WhatsApp?

To access these hidden chats, launch WhatsApp and scroll all the way up. Here, you can find the Archived Chats option above the search bar. 4. Simply tap on the Archived Chats option to view the hidden conversations.

How can I hide WhatsApp chat?

How to hide a chat in WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp and look for the chat that you want to hide.
  2. Long press the chat that you want to hide.
  3. Now, click on the archive button at the top right corner to hide the chat.

What is an email thread called?

Conversation threading is a feature used by many email clients, bulletin boards, newsgroups, and Internet forums in which the software aids the user by visually grouping messages with their replies. These groups are called a conversation, topic thread, or simply a thread.

How do I turn off thread?

Click the gear in the top right and then select See all Settings: Scroll down to the Conversation View section (stay in the “General” tab). Choose Conversation view on or Conversation view off. Click Save changes at the bottom of the page.