What is the status code was 90 in COBOL?

What is the status code was 90 in COBOL?

The “90” in the error messages indicates you have a VSAM file. Getting rid of the “LINE SEQUENTIAL” and using what VSAM wants will help you out. As well as coding the FILE-STATUS as Robert has suggested, there is an extended file-status for VSAM which you should look up in the manual and code in your program.

What are the common VSAM error condition codes?

VSAM – File Status

Code Description
02 Non-Unique Alternate Index duplicate key found
04 Invalid fixed length record
05 While performing OPEN File and file is not present
10 End of File encountered

What are VSAM files in Cobol?

VSAM is a file storage access method used in MVS, ZOS and OS/390 operating systems. It was introduced by IBM in 1970’s. It is a high performance access method used to organize data in form of files in Mainframes. VSAM is used by COBOL and CICS in Mainframes to store and retrieve data.

What are VSAM files?

VSAM or Virtual Storage Access Method is a file storage access method used in MVS, ZOS, and OS/390 operating systems. It was introduced by IBM in 1970’s. It’s a high-performance access method to organize data as files in mainframes. VSAM is used by programming languages in mainframes to store and retrieve data.

What is the meaning of VSAM file status 23?

The reason for File status 23 is as follows – Invalid key for a VSAM indexed or relative file; no record found. Solution: Check the key value is defined for VSAM indexed file or not.

What is the file status code 35?

Whether a file is available or optional affects OPEN processing, file creation, and the resulting file status key. For example, if you open in EXTEND , I-O , or INPUT mode a nonexistent non- OPTIONAL file, the result is an OPEN error, and file status 35 is returned.

How do I fix file status 97?

  1. Issue.
  2. The file status of ’97’ is caused by the VSAM file not being closed properly from the last job that had it opened (many times caused by the abend of the prior job).
  3. Add this delete to your MailStream Plus job JCL if this does not already exist:
  4. Product affected: MailStream Plus™

What is file status 46 Cobol?

If a second sequential read is unsuccessful, a file status of 46 occurs and the AT END phrase is not executed.” When an AT END condition occurs, the READ is considered unsuccessful. This causes unpredictable results. The cause is the record contents returned to the program are UNDEFINED.

How do you read a VSAM?

Use the READ statement to retrieve ( READ ) records from a file. To read a record, you must have opened the file INPUT or I-O . Your program should check the file status key after each READ .

What are valid VSAM types?

VSAM supports several data set types: entry-sequenced (ESDS), key-sequenced (KSDS), linear (LDS), fixed-length, and variable-length relative record (RRDS).

What is VSAM file status codes?

The data item data-name-8 specifies the VSAM status code, which you define as a 6-byte alphanumeric group data item that has three subordinate 2-byte binary fields. The VSAM status code contains meaningful values when the COBOL file status key is not 0.

What is VSAM return code 23?

How do I open VSAM files in Cobol?

Because VSAM does not support random or dynamic processing, COBOL has to perform some extra processing to enable you to use ACCESS IS RANDOM or ACCESS IS DYNAMIC with OPEN OUTPUT or OPEN I-O ….Opening an empty file

  1. Open the file.
  2. Use sequential processing ( ACCESS IS SEQUENTIAL ).
  3. Use WRITE to add a record to the file.

How do I read a VSAM file dynamically?

Example: using dynamic access with VSAM files

  1. Retrieve the first record randomly (with a random-retrieval READ ) based on the key of 1500.
  2. Read sequentially (using READ NEXT ) until the salary field exceeds 2000.
  3. Retrieve the next record randomly, based on a key of 2500.
  4. Read sequentially until the end of the file.

What is the code for VSAM-file status?

VSAM – File Status Code Description 95 File Information invalid or incomplete 96 No DD statement for the file 97 OPEN successful and file integrity verif 98 File is Locked – OPEN failed

Why do I get VSAM return code 90?

VSAM return code 90 – Unsuccessful OPEN, READ, WRITE or CLOSE operation. Root Cause: Unsuccessful OPEN, READ, WRITE or CLOSE operation. You defined ‘LINE SEQUENTIAL’ for file; You missed to initialize the file before OPEN, READ or WRITE statement.

How do I fix VSAM return code 37?

VSAM return code 37 – Open file error due to opening mode Root Cause: You are trying to open a file in a particular mode which is not allowed for that file. Fix: Check the file opening modes available for the file and fix it. VSAM return code 39 – LOGIC ERROR

Why does the verify command not work in VSAM?

This is because VSAM issues a VERIFY command upon opening a file to reset the end-of-file pointer. If the file has never been loaded, the VERIFY fails because the high used RBA (Relative Byte Address) (HI-USEDRBA) is still zero.