What is the rule of colonial difference?

What is the rule of colonial difference?

The rule of colonial difference dictated and justified techniques of violence that were by the same token considered unacceptable in conflicts between so-called ‘civilized’ nations and, in many instances, slaughter was in fact the ‘British Way’ – in theory and in practice.

Who started modern medical education in india?

In 1826, to offer Indians the opportunity to learn and practice Western medicine, an Indian medical school was started in Southern Bombay with surgeon John McLennan as the superintendent. This school, however, did not run beyond 6 years.

Which year marks the full codification of the Indian system?

Indian Penal Code

The Indian Penal Code, 1860
Enacted by Imperial Legislative Council
Enacted 6 October 1860
Assented to 6 October 1860
Commenced 1 January 1862

When did the medical period begin in India?

The period from 1757 to 1900 saw the emergence of doctors trained in Western medicine in India. Various levels of training in Western medicine were imparted to Indians, initially in local languages, but later, more and more in English.

Who imagined Partha Chatterjee?

by Partha Chatterjee — A Summary. The miscarriage of nationalism in the postcolonial states during the 1970s — by distressing ethnic politics as well as corrupt, fractious, and often brutal regimes — has tarnished the legacy of nationalism.

What does Chatterjee say about anti colonial nationalism?

Chatterjee writes that “if the nation is an imagined community, then this is where it is brought into being” (ibid: 6, emphasis mine). Thus, anti-colonial nationalism often declared its sovereignty over issues such as language, religion, novels, art, schooling and popular culture.

Who is the founder of Indian medical Association?

The foundation stone of IMA House was laid by the first President of India, Dr. Rajendra Prasad on September 19, 1958 and the construction of the building was started under the supervision of Dr. P.C.Bhatia who supervised it brick by brick.

Who is the father of medicine in India?

Sushruta (c. 7th or 6th century BCE) was a physician in ancient India known today as the “Father of Indian Medicine” and “Father of Plastic Surgery” for inventing and developing surgical procedures.

Which is the first hospital in India?

In 1639, EIC officials, Andrew Cogan and Francis Day were instrumental in establishing Fort St George, christened after the patron saint of England, near a small town, Madrasapatnam on the eastern (Coromandel) coast of India. In this fort, the first modern hospital in India was started.

Who is education minister of West Bengal?

Minister of State

Department Name Phone
School Education Paresh Chandra Adhikary (033)2334-2256
Youth Affairs and Sports Manoj Tiwari (033)2262-8118, (033)2262-8119
Consumer Birbaha Hansda
Finance (Independent Charge) Chandrima Bhattacharya (033)2253-5491, (033)2253-5492

Who was first woman doctor in India?

Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi
Anandibai Gopalrao Joshi (31 March 1865 – 26 February 1887) was the first Indian female doctor of western medicine….Anandi Gopal Joshi.

Anandi Bai Joshi
Born Yamuna Joshi31 March 1865 Kalyan, Bombay Presidency, British India
Died 26 February 1887 (aged 21) Pune, Bombay Presidency, British India

Is Indian Medical Association private?

The Indian Medical Association (IMA) is a national voluntary organisation of physicians in India. It was established in 1928 as the All India Medical Association, and was renamed the Indian Medical Association in 1930. It is a society registered under The Societies Act of India.