What is the rating of American Equity?

What is the rating of American Equity?

Rating effective 8/5/15, affirmed 8/20/2021. Fitch Ratings assigned American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company an Insurer Financial Strength rating of “A-” (Outlook Negative). Fitch Ratings utilizes 19 rating categories ranging from “AAA” to “C.” An “A-” rating is the seventh highest rating.

Is American Equity FDIC insured?

Guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of American Equity and are not guaranteed by any bank or insured by the FDIC.

Is American Equity being sold?

The retirement insurer announced Jan. 3 that it was selling about 6% of the publicly traded company to Brookfield Asset Management Reinsurance Partners for about $252 million. The transaction gives Brookfield, a Canadian investment company, a 16% stake in American Equity.

How does American Equity annuity work?

How do fixed annuities work? This long-term retirement product is purchased with an insurance provider that, in turn, guarantees principal protection, tax-deferred growth on assets and a reliable income stream. Throughout the course of the contract, the fixed annuity earns interest based on an established rate.

Who owns American Equity insurance?

American Equity Investment Life Holding CompanyAmerican Equity Investment Life Insurance Company / Parent organization

How long has American Equity been in business?

American Equity was founded in 1995 with the simple promise of providing sound annuities for retirement while offering superior customer service.

When did American Equity go public?

December 4, 2003
American Equity Investment Life Holding Company Common Stock is listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). When was American Equity’s initial public offering (IPO)? AEL went public on December 4, 2003 at $9.00 per share.

Does American equity sell life insurance?

American Equity Life Insurance Company is licensed in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. American Equity is not one of our top-rated life insurance companies. You can review our list of the best life insurance companies for what we think are better options.

Is American Equity a public company?

Is American Equity a publicly traded company? Yes, American Equity Investment Life Holding Company® is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol AEL.

Does American Equity sell life insurance?

Who owns American Equity Insurance?

Who is American Equity com?

American Equity Investment Life Holding Company®, a New York Stock Exchange Listed company (NYSE:AEL), is headquartered in West Des Moines, Iowa. American Equity, through its wholly-owned operating subsidiaries, specializes in the sale of fixed index and fixed rate annuities.

What is American Equity’s rating?

A.M. Best has assigned American Equity an “A-” (Excellent) rating, reflecting their current opinion of American Equity’s financial strength and its ability to meet its ongoing contractual obligations relative to the norms of the life/health insurance industry. A.M. Best utilizes 15 rating categories ranging from A++ to F.

Is American equity investment life insurance company a good buy?

American Equity Investment Life Insurance Company appears to be in good financial health, as it has received strong ratings from some of the top rating agencies. More specifically, both A.M. Best and Standard & Poor’s (S&P) rated it at an A-, which translates as “excellent” and “strong” on these companies’ respective ratings scales.

Why choose American equity?

American Equity has been recognized by A.M. Best Company® and Standard and Poor’s® Rating Services for our commitment to sound business principles and financial strength. These ratings reflect our integrity and stability in the insurance industry.

What kind of annuities does American equity offer?

About American Equity Investment American Equity is an insurance company that specializes in retirement annuities. The company offers a variety of annuity types, including traditional fixed and fixed-index annuities. While American Equity doesn’t disclose its rates and fees online, you can request more information on its website.