What is the postal code for G 15 Islamabad?

What is the postal code for G 15 Islamabad?

Location Information

Item Description
Location Islamabad G-15 Sector
Postcode 44150
Attached Branch Postcode 44151
Postcode Type Delivery

Does Islamabad have postal codes?

for more information about Islamabad G-9/Markaz Postcode Check Below Detail Islamabad G-9/Markaz POSTAL / ZIP CODE INFORMATION Islamabad G-9/Markaz Postcode Type Delivery Islamabad G-9/Markaz Post office Islamabad G-9/Markaz Postal Code 44090 Area Name Islamabad G-9/Markaz Post Office Name General Post Office Islamabad …

What is the postal code of E 11 Islamabad?

ALI PUR FRASH 45600 Islamabad GPO
CHIRAH 45680 Islamabad GPO
GOLRA 45200 Islamabad GPO
HERDOGHER 45800 Islamabad GPO

What is Islamabad area code?

051Islamabad / Area code

What is my ZIP Code Pakistan?

Pakistan Postal Codes

ABDUL HAKIM 58180 Punjab
ADDA GAMBEER 57460 Punjab

What is Islamabad state?


Islamabad اسلام آباد
Country Pakistan
Adm. Unit Islamabad Capital Territory
Constructed 1960
Established 14 August 1967

How can I get ZIP code of Pakistan?

The first two digits of the ZIP code refer to the respective province, the following three digits to the district or to the associated post office, GPOs (General Post Office): Belucistan uses ZIP codes from 82xxx to 92xxx. Khyber Pakhtunkhwa uses ZIP code from 19xxx to 29xxx. Punjab uses ZIP codes from 30xxx to 64xxx.

How do you write a full address in a ZIP code?

Place the recipient’s name on the first line. On the second line, write the building number and street name. Include the city, state and ZIP code on the final line.

What is the area of Islamabad?

350 mi²Islamabad / Area
The area of Islamabad consists of 906 Sq. KM, in which the urban area consists of 220.15 Sq. KM and rural area is 466.20 Sq. KM respectively.

Which district is Islamabad in?

Islamabad/Rawalpindi Metropolitan Area However, Islamabad city is part of the Islamabad Capital Territory, while Rawalpindi is part of Rawalpindi District, which is part of province of Punjab.

What is a zip code of Pakistan?

The capital of Islamabad uses ZIP codes from 44000 to 45320. Partially autonomous provinces Jammu and Kashmir, in spite of existing conflicts, are provided by Pakistan. For these areas are reserved postal codes from 00010 to 12991.

What are the postal codes of Islamabad?

Postal Code of Islamabad is: 44000 (Islamabad GPO Federal Capital – Pakistan) About Islamabad: Islamabad (help · info) (Urdu: اسلام آباد) Islāmabād (Meaning “Abode of Islam”) is the capital of Pakistan, and is the tenth largest city in Pakistan. [1] The Rawalpindi/Islamabad metropolitan area is the third largest in Pakistan with a population of over 4.5 million inhabitants, 1.5

What is the ZIP postal code for Islamabad?

This list shows an overview of 1929 postal codes of Bangladesh. Bangladesh postcode map of the first two digits. Divisions are separated by colour. Dhaka Division. District Thana SubOffice Post Islamabad 3088 Sunamganj Chhatak jahidpur 3087 Sunamganj Chhatak Khurma 3085 Sunamganj Chhatak Moinpur 3086 Sunamganj Dhirai Chandpur Dhirai

Where to stay in Islamabad?

There are many five star and other high-class hotels which allow the finest accommodation in Islamabad. Tourists from within and outside the country (foreign delegation) visiting Islamabad prefer to stay in these hotels. These are listed in the five star categories, Crown Hotel, Serena Hotel and Marriot Hotel etc.

What country code is Islamabad?

The question is framed incorrectly. Islamabad, being the capital city of Pakistan has a city code. The country code of Pakistan is 92 and the city code of Islamabad is 51. To call from anywhere in the world to a person residing in Islamabad, you need to dial the country code of Pakistan first, which is +92.