What is the oldest building in Huddersfield?

What is the oldest building in Huddersfield?

The title for the ‘oldest house in Huddersfield’ goes to Longley Old hall, Longlet Lane which can be found in the Lowerhouses area. The building is Grade II listed and a survey conducted by the Yorkshire Vernacular Buildings Study Group revealing that the structure goes back to the 14th century.

What’s Huddersfield famous for?

Home of the rugby league. Huddersfield is actually home of the rugby league as the town is known to have invented the sport in 1895 when there was a dispute over payments to players. The local team, Huddersfield Giants, now play at The John Smith’s Stadium, where they also won all four rugby league cups in 1914…

What is the history of Huddersfield?

Huddersfield’s history as a town dates back to 1559 when it was purchased from the Crown as a manor by William Ramsden. However it was in the Victorian era that the town grew and prospered on the back of the wool trade when much of the current town centre was laid out and developed.

What industry was Huddersfield famous for?

Huddersfield is a manufacturing town, despite the university being the largest employer. Historically the town produced woollen textiles.

What does thong mean in Yorkshire?

‘Thong’ means ‘strip of land’. This area was divided into sections: ‘nether’ meaning the lower portion and ‘upper’ meaning the higher.

Why are Huddersfield called dog Botherers?

Conversation. Huddersfield Town fans are called ‘dog botherers’ by other Yorkshire clubs, because some bloke from Dewsbury shagged a dog once. Bobby Madley is a Huddersfield Town fan.

What is the meaning of Meltham?

Meltham is a town and civil parish within the Metropolitan Borough of Kirklees, in West Yorkshire, England. It lies in the Holme Valley, below Wessenden Moor, four and a half miles south-west of Huddersfield on the edge of the Peak District National Park.

What do Leeds fans call Huddersfield fans?

dog botherers
Conversation. Huddersfield Town fans are called ‘dog botherers’ by other Yorkshire clubs, because some bloke from Dewsbury shagged a dog once. Bobby Madley is a Huddersfield Town fan. This Leeds (deliberate) me to believe that he probably didn’t shag a dog.

What do you call a Leeds fan?

What Are Leeds Fans Called? Leeds fans don’t have a specific collective name, but do like to use the acronym ALAW to describe themselves, meaning ‘All Leeds, Aren’t We? ‘ Leeds fans have also adopted the ‘Dirty Leeds’ tag, first attributed to them by the media and fans of other clubs, as something of a badge of honour.

What is Meltham famous for?

Meltham is home to the Meltham and Meltham Mills Band, which was established in 1846 as a brass band. They became the first band to win the British Open Title for three consecutive years, a feat only matched by 5 others.

What is a Cartas?

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What does Mafact stand for?

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Why are Huddersfield called the Terriers?

Huddersfield’s nickname is the Terriers. The Yorkshire Terrier is a type of dog that was first bred in the Yorkshire region so the football team became known as the Terriers. In fact, the first ever Yorkshire Terrier, named Huddersfield Ben, was born in the town.

What is Huddersfield exposed?

Welcome to Huddersfield Exposed! Welcome to Huddersfield Exposed, a collection of articles and pages about the history of Huddersfield and the surrounding area. The pages reflect the research interests of those who contribute to the site and are not meant to be an exhaustive history of the Huddersfield area… at least, not yet!

Where can I find old photographs of Huddersfield and surrounding area?

Readers can access old photographs of Huddersfield and the surrounding area via the Kirklees Image Archive http://www.kirkleesimages.org.uk/index.php . A wide range of local history books and pamphlets can also be consulted. Heritage Quay (formerly Huddersfield University Archive and Special Collections) — heritagequay.org

What is the best book on Huddersfield history?

Huddersfield: A History and Celebration, by Lesley Kipling and Alan Brooke (Francis Frith, 2005) is a recent brief general history with many photographs. The last full narrative history was Roy Brook’s The Story of Huddersfield (Macgibbon & Kee, 1968).

When did people first settle in Huddersfield?

Settlement in the Huddersfield area began over 4000 years ago with Neolithic man. The most obvious evidence of early settlement is the hill fort at Castle Hill, at Almondbury to the south of the town. This conspicuous landmark, with its stone Victoria Tower – built in 1899 to mark the Queen’s jubilee – was occupied from around 2100 BC.