What is the New London Theatre called now?

What is the New London Theatre called now?

the Gillian Lynne Theatre
“I am delighted to be able to announce that the New London Theatre is to be renamed as the Gillian Lynne Theatre. Gillian has been a pioneer of British musical theatre and dance. Gillie’s groundbreaking work on Cats inspired and launched countless careers in dance.

What was the previous name of the Gillian Lynne Theatre?

the New London
The venue made history in May 2018 when it formally changed its name from the New London to the Gillian Lynne Theatre, becoming the first West End theatre to be named after a woman in order to celebrate the life and work of a groundbreaking choreographer, visionary director and a true musical theatre great, who would …

Why is it called the Gillian Lynne Theatre?

The Gillian Lynne Theatre made history in 2018 when it became the first West End venue to be named after a woman. This was in honour of Dame Gillian’s outstanding contribution to musical theatre – primarily as choreographer of the groundbreaking production of Cats, which ran here for over 21 amazing years.

How old is the Gillian Lynne Theatre?

One of the newest theatres on the West End, the Gillian Lynne Theatre (formerly New London Theatre) was built in 1973, on a site that has housed a theatre since Elizabethan times. Originally named the Mogul Saloon, the building lasted between 1847-1919, housing variety shows.

What time does Cinderella finish?

How long is Cinderella? The Cinderella musical running time is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Evening performances typically begin at 7:30pm and end at 10:10pm. Matinee performances typically begin at 2:30pm and end at 5:10pm.

When was the New London Theatre renamed?

1 May 2018
On 1 May 2018, the theatre was officially renamed the Gillian Lynne Theatre in honour of Gillian Lynne. It is the first theatre in the West End of London to be named after a non-royal woman….Gillian Lynne Theatre.

Rebuilt 1911 (Frank Matcham)
Architect Paul Tvrtkovic

How do the seats move in the Gillian Lynne Theatre?

The auditorium is loosely based on Walter Gropius’s Total Theatre Project of 1927. It is a theatre that moves; seats, stage, lights and walls are all flexible so that proscenium or in-the-round productions can be presented.

Where is the best place to sit in the Gillian Lynne Theatre?

The best seats in the Gillian Lynne Theatre are located in the mid-front section of the Stalls, with the central most section offering the best views. Seats are well-raked, ensuring a great view from anywhere. It is recommended to sit in seats 15-37 for the most central view.

What type of Theatre is the fortune Theatre?

The Woman in Black One of Covent Garden’s smallest theatres, the Fortune Theatre is a tight, atmospheric theatre. Built in 1924, the Fortune has seen many a major name up in lights, including Dame Judi Dench and Alan Bennett.

Why has Cinderella closed?

The production will close in the West End next month less than a year after its premiere. The show, which is being staged at the Gillian Lynne Theatre, has been hit with Covid-19-related disruption since the start and will play its final performance on June 12, a note on its website and a tweet said.

Is Cinderella in London Cancelled?

Cinderella cast members have expressed their frustration after finding out the musical’s West End run was cancelled on social media. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s show will end on 12 June, it was announced on Sunday. But some cast members said they read the news on social media or news outlets before being told themselves.

When was Cat’s first on Broadway?

October 1982
Cats was a showbiz circus of unprecedented proportions, long before it actually opened at the Winter Garden in October 1982. The show’s budget reached $4 million (about $10.7 million today) and included one of the longest and most expensive marketing campaigns Broadway had ever seen.

How many people does the Gillian Lynne Theatre hold?

1,024Gillian Lynne Theatre / Capacity

Do the seats move in Cinderella?

As the cast around the stage move on their revolve, so do we. The first 7 rows moves with the stage very slowly (You won’t need to wear a seatbelt) until eventually we are at the back of the stage looking out on to the rest of the audience.

How long is Cinderella The Musical?

approximately 2 hour 40 minutes
What is the running time of the show? The show is approximately 2 hour 40 minutes long including one 20-minute interval.

Is there a dress code for Fortune Theatre?

The Fortune Theatre does not have a dress code, although theatregoers are advised to wear practical and sensible clothing.

Where in London is the Fortune Theatre?

The Fortune Theatre is located on Russell Street, just off Drury Lane and Covent Garden. The theatre is surrounded by a wealth of other top London theatres, and can be found directly opposite the massive Theatre Royal Drury Lane.

What area is Garrick Theatre in?

Located a stone’s throw away from Leicester Square tube station, the Garrick Theatre faces the National Portrait Gallery, next to the National Gallery, and is an unmissable destination for art and culture lovers. It is a few minutes from the lights of Leicester Square and the buzz of Soho’s nightlife.