What is the movie If I Stay about?

What is the movie If I Stay about?

Mia Hall (ChloĆ« Grace Moretz), a talented young cellist, thought the most difficult decision she would ever have to make would be whether to pursue her musical dreams at prestigious Juilliard or follow her heart to be with the love of her life, Adam (Jamie Blackley), a rock singer/guitarist. However, a car wreck changes everything in an instant, and now Mia’s life hangs in the balance. Suspended between life and death, Mia faces a choice that will decide her future.If I Stay / Film synopsis

Will there be an If I Stay 2?

If I Stay is followed by the sequel Where She Went, released in April 2011. The novel picks back up years after Mia’s accident.

How old was Chloe Moretz in If I Stay?

She whooped butt in the Kick-Ass series, but now 17-year-old Chloƫ Grace Moretz is aiming for your heartstrings with her new movie If I Stay, in theaters now.

Is If I Stay based on a true story?

+ Was If I Stay based on true events? The car accident was based on personal events, the rest of the story, and the characters of Mia and Adam in particular, came from my imagination. I’ve never been in an accident like that. Never had an out-of-body experience.

Can you be in a coma for 20 years?

In a two-part series that starts today, The Early Show national correspondent Tracy Smith tells the story of Sarah Scantlin, a woman who woke up from her coma-like state after 20 years. After two decades of floating somewhere between life and death, Sarah Scantlin is fully, and finally, awake.

Does Mia get into Juilliard?

Adam replies that if the alternative occurs, and Mia is accepted to Juilliard, he knows that the choice (for her to go to New York, and for them to be apart) has already been made.

Why did Mia decide to stay in If I Stay?

In If I Stay, Mia miraculously survived a car crash that killed the rest of her family. Her decision to stay alive was made after hearing Adam beg her to stay, vowing to Mia that he would even leave her if it meant she would live. Where She Went begins three years after that moment.

How does a coma feel?

People in a coma are completely unresponsive. They do not move, do not react to light or sound and cannot feel pain. Their eyes are closed. The brain responds to extreme trauma by effectively ‘shutting down’.

Can kids watch if I stay?

One Day. Book-based drama is too heavy for younger teens.

Where can I watch if I stay movie in India?

You are able to stream If I Stay by renting or purchasing on iTunes, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play, and Vudu.

How old is MIA in the book If I Stay?

Mia Hall is the seventeen-year-old protagonist of If I Stay, and the novel is told from her point of view. A passionate and talented cello player from Oregon, Mia is likely Juilliard-bound after she graduates from high school.

Is if I stay based on a true story?

Where was if I stay filmed?

Vancouver, B.C.
Q: “If I Stay” was filmed in Vancouver, B.C., and you also shot “Laggies,” which is due out this fall, in Seattle.