What is the meaning of Backbiteth?

What is the meaning of Backbiteth?

: to say mean or spiteful things about a person (such as someone who is not present) They beguiled the time by backbiting and intriguing against each other in a foolish kind of way.— Jack London.

What does backbite mean in the Bible?

Contributed. The definition of backbiting is “talking maliciously about someone who is not present.” To backbite is to gossip about someone behind his or her back. Secret slander is the essence of backbiting, and it is strongly condemned in the Bible.

What does it mean to take up reproach?

1 : to express disappointment in or displeasure with (a person) for conduct that is blameworthy or in need of amendment. 2 : to make (something) a matter of reproach. 3 : to bring into discredit.

What does cast no slur on others mean?

cast no slur means don’t ever smudge another person’s reputation or smear their image by anything you say, period.

How do you deal with backbiters?

It is better to maintain that professional line to avoid unnecessary problems. Don’t give others a chance to show you down or use your information against you,” says Ronesh Puri, MD, Executive Access. Don’t jump the gun every time you hear anything negative about yourself. Verify the source of your information.

What does Contemn mean in Hebrew?

contemn • \kun-TEM\ • verb. : to view or treat with contempt : scorn. Examples: Jacob believes that any rational scientist must contemn theories of magic and the supernatural.

What does it mean to live above reproach?

Definition of above/beyond reproach formal. : not calling for any criticism His actions were above/beyond reproach.

Who were Encouragers in the Bible?

Encouragers are green light people – they are ready to take risks for the Kingdom in order to learn and grow. In verse 23, Barnabas observed “what the grace of God had done.” Sometimes it is just slowing down, sitting back and having our eyes opened to the wonders God has wrought.

What are the examples of backbiting?

The definition of backbite is to say mean or slanderous things about someone else. An example of backbite is for a political candidate to say harmful things about the character of his opponents. To make spiteful slanderous or defamatory statements about someone.

What does Quran say about backbiting?

O Aba Dharr, be away from backbiting, for backbiting is worse than fornication, I said: And why that, O Messenger of Allah? He said: “Because a man commits adultery, and he repents to God, then God repents for him, while backbiting is not forgiven until his companion forgives it.

What does Contemn mean KJV?

: to view or treat with contempt : scorn.

How do you use Contemn in a sentence?

Contemn in a Sentence The teacher would not allow students to contemn one another and all hateful talk or threats were reported to the principal immediately. 3. Upset that the man continued to contemn his mother, Joe called his stepfather out for his disrespect.

Why is backbiting wrong?

Backbiting and slandering are more destructive in nature. These two sins are forbidden by Allah because they create bad blood, enmity, discord, disquiet and evil among people and society. They cause hostilities between members of the same household and between neighbours and relatives.

What does character beyond reproach mean?

Definition of beyond reproach Blameless, faultless, as in Jean’s conduct at school is beyond reproach. The phrase employs the verb to reproach in the sense of “censure or rebuke,” a usage dating from the early 1500s.

How do you use above reproach?

Everything has to be above reproach, flawless. Claiming that she could never love a man who wasn’t above reproach, she is really saying she cannot love at all. Most police officers are above reproach, putting duty first and risking their lives every time they put on a uniform.

What does it mean to backbite someone?

Definition of backbite. : to say mean or spiteful things about a person (such as someone who is not present) They beguiled the time by backbiting and intriguing against each other in a foolish kind of way.— Jack London.

What does the Bible say about backbiting?

Dictionaries – Easton’s Bible Dictionary – Backbite. Backbite. In Psalms 15:3 , the rendering of a word which means to run about tattling, calumniating; in Proverbs 25:23 , secret talebearing or slandering; in Romans 1:30 and 2 Corinthians 12:20 , evil-speaking, maliciously defaming the absent.

What is the meaning of backbiting Bak’-bit-ing?

Backbiters bak’-bit-~rz (Greek katalaloi: Men who speak against. Vulgate, “detractors” ( Romans 1:30 )). Backbiting bak’-bit-ing:

What does it mean to live a meaningful life?

One can live meaningfully (free of despair and anxiety) in an unconditional commitment to something finite and devotes that meaningful life to the commitment, despite the vulnerability inherent to doing so. Arthur Schopenhauer answered: “What is the meaning of life?”