What is the lead program at the VA?

What is the lead program at the VA?

LEAD is designed as a national leadership development program for current GS 9-12 employees within various business lines and staff offices of the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA). This program seeks to enhance and develop individual leadership capabilities through a team-centric, collaborative approach.

What is the leaf program with the VA?

The Light Electronic Action Framework (LEAF) is a web application that was developed to help VA facilities rapidly digitize existing day-to-day processes, with the goal of getting services to Veterans faster.

Who is the CEO of the VA?

The Honorable Denis Richard McDonough was nominated by President Biden to lead the Department of Veterans Affairs. Mr. McDonough’s nomination was confirmed by the United States Senate on February 8th, 2021, and he was sworn in the following day as the 11th Secretary of Veterans Affairs.

What is lead CJ?

Initially launched in 2011, LEAD utilizes a harm-reduction orientation to respond to low-level offenses such as drug possession and prostitution, among others. The aim in doing so is to reduce the number of individuals that enter the criminal justice system by diverting them to treatment instead of arrest.

What does a VA chief of staff do?

As chief of staff, you’ll be an active leader and play a vital role in ensuring that the Veterans we serve can access effective, timely and quality health care. You’ll manage health care resources, work to improve hospital performance, ensure patient and employee satisfaction, and participate in strategic planning.

How do I submit a leaf request?

To submit a telework request: On the VISN 23 Benefits page (https://leaf.va.gov/VISN23/499/visn_23_benefits/), click “New Request”.

How do I contact secretary McDonough?

  1. Get answers. Resources and support. Call us. 800-698-2411. Visit a medical center or regional office. Find a VA location.
  2. News releases.
  3. Language assistance. Español.

How much does the Secretary of VA make?

Today, the VA secretary is comfortably sitting on an estimated $3 million. He didn’t set out to make a bunch of money in his career. McDonough grew up in Minnesota as part of a family that included 11 children.

What does the acronym lead stand for?

Abbreviation lead

LEAD: Meaning
LEAD Leadership, Education, Adventure, Direction
LEAD Leadership, Education, and Academic Development
LEAD Leadership, Education, And Development
LEAD Leadership, Education, Application, and Discovery

What is a chief of staff at a hospital?

The Chief of Staff is the head of the medical staff, responsible for providing leadership and guidance to the medical staff and promoting effective communication between the medical staff, administration and Board of Trustees.

What is a section chief in a hospital?

Responsibilities of the Section Chief include, but are not limited to, the following: Provides leadership, management and motivation to the Section. Directs clinical activities of the Section. Directs instructional/educational activities of the Section. Promotes research interest among the faculty.

How many years do you have to work at the VA to retire?

five years
VA employees are part of the Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). Under FERS, you are eligible for monthly retirement benefits after just five years of federal service.

Is the VA secretary a Cabinet position?

The Secretary is a member of the Cabinet and second to last at sixteenth in the line of succession to the presidency (the position was last until the addition of the United States Department of Homeland Security in 2006).

What does F stand for in LEAD?

LEAD. Learning, Education, and Development. LEAD. Leadership Education/Action Development.

What is LEAD training?

The mission of the LEAD program is to provide free, effective and educational training on alcohol responsibility and the law, to California retail licensees and their employees. The Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control expects licensees to act responsibly with their alcoholic beverage license privileges.

Is Chief of Staff a good role?

The Chief of Staff is an advanced executive position that expands upon an executive’s managing skills. The chief of staff supports the CEO to oversee the operations of a company. People in this position need to have strong organizational and decision-making skills to succeed.