What is the latest Chrome version for Mac?

What is the latest Chrome version for Mac?

The latest versions of Chrome:

Platform Version Release Date
Chrome on macOS 103.0.5060.114 2022-07-05
Chrome on Linux 103.0.5060.114 2022-07-05
Chrome on Android 103.0.5060.71 2022-07-05
Chrome on iOS 103.0.5060.63 2022-06-24

How do I download Google Chrome on my Macbook Air 2014?

Install Chrome on Mac

  1. Download the installation file.
  2. Open the file called ‘googlechrome. dmg’.
  3. In the window that opens, find Chrome .
  4. Drag Chrome to the Applications folder. You might be asked to enter the admin password.
  5. Open Chrome.
  6. Open Finder.
  7. In the sidebar, to the right of Google Chrome, click Eject .

How do I update Chrome on an old Mac?

Mac users: You can also set up automatic browser updates for all users of your computer if Google Chrome is installed in your Applications folder. Go to “About Google Chrome,” and click Automatically update Chrome for all users.

What version of Macos does Chrome support?

Mac. To use Chrome browser on Mac, you’ll need: OS X El Capitan 10.11 or later.

What is the current Chrome version?

We’ve just released Chrome Beta 104 (104.0. 5112.46) for Android.

Why can’t Chrome install on macbook?

The reason Chrome wont install is because your machine has a 32-bit Intel processor, the newest version of Chrome (which is 39) requires a 64-bit processor. Perhaps you may want to try an alternate browser.

Does Chrome work on High Sierra?

Chrome will only be supported on macOS X 10.0 Yosemite or newer. Apple’s latest version is macOS 10.13 High Sierra, or 10.14 Mojave in beta. Alternatively, you could use the Firefox, Vivaldi or Apple’s own Safari browsers on macOS X 10.9 Mavericks.

What is the latest version of Chrome OS?


Chrome OS logo as of March 2022
Chrome OS 87 Desktop
Initial release June 15, 2011
Latest release 103.0.5060.114 (July 6, 2022) [±]
Latest preview Beta 104.0.5112.36 (July 8, 2022) [±] Dev 105.0.5161.0 (July 12, 2022) [±]

Can you use Google Chrome on a Mac?

Chrome, however, runs everywhere: Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and more. Chrome has a massive library of extensions: You can expand your browser’s functionality by installing extensions. Safari supports extensions, too, but Chrome has a much bigger selection.

How to install Google Chrome on Mac quickly?

Open Safari (or other web browser) then navigate to google.com/chrome

  • Hit Download Chrome for Mac
  • A new window will appear asking you to agree to the Terms of Use.
  • When the Chrome for Mac download is finished,open the file called googlechrome.dmg and go through the installation process
  • How do I install the latest version of Google Chrome?

    Open the website you want to enable Flash on.

  • Click the information icon or the lock icon. in the website addressbar at the top left.
  • From the menu that appears,next to Flash,select Allow.
  • Close the Settings window.
  • How to get Google Chrome without installing it?

    Visit Google Takeout and sign in with the Google account that you used in Chrome. By default, every single device, service, and app that belongs to Google is selected for export. Unselect all the items, and select only Chrome. Once you’ve selected Chrome, Takeout will ask you which items from Chrome you’d like to download.

    How do I download Google Chrome on my Mac?

    First,you need to visit the download page of Google Chrome from the Safari or any other browser of your Mac.

  • Then you need to click on the “Download Chrome” button to proceed.
  • Then you will see a pop-up window on your screen that contains the legal term and conditions that you need to accept before downloading the browser.
  • Finally,the installer program of Google Chrome will be downloaded on your Mac. You will find the installer file in your download folder.