What is the Golgi complex like in the human body?

What is the Golgi complex like in the human body?

A stack of small flat sacs formed by membranes inside the cell’s cytoplasm (gel-like fluid). The Golgi complex prepares proteins and lipid (fat) molecules for use in other places inside and outside the cell. The Golgi complex is a cell organelle.

Is Golgi body like a mailman?

The Golgi apparatus, also known as the Golgi body, is like a post office. It receives things and sends them off to different places.

What is the main function of Golgi complex?

The main function of Golgi complex is the packaging of materials for secretion. The Golgi apparatus is a major collection and dispatch station of protein products received from the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). The Golgi apparatus is also involved in lipid transport and lysosome formation.

Do humans have Golgi?

The Golgi tendon organ is a tree-like sensory ending enclosed in a spindle-like connective tissue capsule, that lies near the junction of a tendon with a muscle. In man, some 10 to 20 muscle fibres are connected to one tendon organ.

What is Golgi complex kid definition?

The Golgi apparatus is an organelle that acts as the packaging center of the cell. It takes in protein, modifies it, and then places it in shipping containers called vesicles. The Golgi apparatus also makes lysosomes, which are organelles that contain digestive enzymes.

What is a Golgi apparatus analogy?

The Golgi Apparatus is like a UPS truck because the golgi apparatus packages and ships proteins where they are needed like a UPS truck packages and ships items where they are needed.

Why is Golgi like a post office?

The Golgy bodies are considered as post office, because transport the materials to the destiinations. The molecules are are packaged in vesicles. The vesicles work like a shipping envelope for a cell. The packaged vesicles are moved to the Golgi Apparatus.

What would happen to the life of cell if there was no Golgi complex?

In the absence of the Golgi apparatus, lysosomes would not be produced, and the accumulation of dead and damaged organelles and molecules in the cell would ultimately result in cell death.

What would the Golgi apparatus be in a school?

The Golgi apparatus is like a school bus because a school bus transports kids to school like the Golgi apparatus ships proteins. The vacuole is like a bathroom because student waste goes into the bathroom like cell waste is stored in the vacuole.

What does Golgi mean in English?

1 : a cytoplasmic organelle that consists of a stack of several to many smooth, membranous saccules and associated vesicles active in the modification and transport of proteins. 2 : any of two or more such organelles within a cell — compare dictyosome.

What is the Golgi apparatus compared to in real life?

How is Golgi apparatus like a school?

Why do they compare the building of city to that of a human body in a human body what is analogous to the bricks in a city?

A tissue is a group of similar cells working together. If the whole body is a city, and a cell is just one brick, a tissue is one step bigger – a house. (which makes up muscles) can shorten to make your body move.

What are the suicide bags called?

Lysosomes are called suicide bags because in the case of adversity they digest their own cell. They have hydrolytic enzymes that get activated at pH 4.8.

Who discovered Golgi bodies?

Camillo Golgi
The existence of the cell organelle which is now known as Golgi apparatus or Golgi complex, or simply as ‘the Golgi”, was first reported by Camillo Golgi in 1898, when he described in nerve cells an ‘internal reticular apparatus’ impregnated by a variant of his chromoargentic staining.

What happens if the Golgi apparatus is damaged?

Without a Golgi apparatus, there would be no lysosomes in a cell. Subsequently, the cell would not be able to digest or break down the materials left over from protein creation. This would create a lot of excess junk within the cell.

Which organ is known as the powerhouse of the cell Why?

Mitochondria are tiny organelles inside cells that are involved in releasing energy from food. This process is known as cellular respiration. It is for this reason that mitochondria are often referred to as the powerhouses of the cell.